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Quote: Originally Posted by bigeyes I do that too, but I have yet to find a solution to the frozen meat problem, and unfortunately we still buy in bulk and then cut and separate into ziplocks, which makes me cringe. I suppose I could stock up on freezer paper and tape, but does it really protect against freezer burn? I think I'm going to have to try this because the more I think about the ziplocks the more icked out I am. use freezer...
five of us now in a new house in nw usa. 2 adults. we have wet boots, gloves hats bibs and jackets. thats alot of crap, and i can't figure out an efficient way to organize them. it's all used daily. please help me. i can take pics of my space if that helps.
that's funny. good for you!!! i imagine the worst part is the ornaments, but at least you are to that step now.
Quote: Originally Posted by sunnysandiegan All 8 aprons are finished and just about everything is ready for the party tomorrow! : We also got a head start on the cupcakes for Monday's school party. They are baked and in the freezer awaiting decorating tomorrow evening. well i don't know what your talking about, but it sounds like alot of work............and it's done! great job. i will have to go back and read, sounds like fun!
Quote: Originally Posted by riaketty What is your monthly food budget? $200/mo grocery, $50/mo meat How many people are you feeding? 2 adults, a 20-month-old, and a 2-month-old (through nursing). Do you meal plan for dinners? What about breakfast or lunches? Dinners, yes. Breakfast, no. Lunch is leftovers first, whatever you want next. Any special dietary needs, i.e. GF, DF, Organic, no soy, etc? Not really. Where do you shop? 90% Aldi, 5% our...
we are having family movie night tonight and i'm looking for a yummy sweet popcorn recipe. i don't mind sugar but i would like to stay away from corn syrup. any ideas for me.
i've looked it up, i have read it's timeless, but the honey we have now came from a farm and it smells funky. stinky sock funky......wet stinky sock funky. i don't want to throw it out, but of course will if i have to. it tastes good (if i hold my nose) and i haven't gotten sick, but every time i take the lid off it seems worse soi haven't tried it again in a week or so.
Quote: Originally Posted by lemongrass This is really it in a nutshell. When I follow my kids' ( and my own) daily rhythms and make routines that accentuate the positive and alleviate the negative, then things are much more calm and productive. Meals, housework, schoolwork, and other necessities of life like paying the bills are easier to get done. It just takes some time and attention to get into the natural flow of things. My kids, I've noticed,...
ok........i'm in, with babe in arms though. we just moved in 3 weeks ago, so there is alot to do. i just need to tackle, not plan. so here i go.
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