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  Yep. And where exactly are you getting your information, FIBJ? 
  Cross post! And jinx, you owe me a coke!
  Vulvita reminds me of cheese. Not sure I want to associate cheese with vulva. 
  Nope, sounds like you're throwing around a bunch of meanie accusations more than you're standing your ground. And I mean that respectfully, of course. 
  Vullllllvvvvvaaaa.......... it kinda rolls of the tongue, eh? Vagina, vagina, vagina. See? Not that hard to say, or type, in this case. 
  Or a vagina a vagina. 
  I suggested sacred well, it was tongue in cheek, yo. Because it's ridiculous. Like this argument. Really, how is labia any different than vagina or vulva? It seems like you kinda tossed that out there as a way to get people off of your back.      And yeah, to the poster who said it, sure, if a kid is being abused they can say "pee-pee" or crotch or whatever word you use for it, but that's not the point, is it? It's about the negative connotation that the words vagina,...
You know what's really ridiculous?? A bunch of grown women who are "uncomfortable" using the word VAGINA or VULVA. And the even more ridiculous part of that? Passing off your discomfort by saying the word is too "harsh". And, dude, my vagina is not sacred. That is just asinine. It's an organ. With many purposes, but it is not "sacred".  
  Yeah, I'd like clarification on that, as well.     Perhaps you should consider "sacred well". 
OMG! The things we post on a public board aren't private!? And anyone can read them and post them on another site?    I think you should contact the media. 
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