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I gotta say, the only thing "gross" about this thread is your attitude, op. I'm going to take my gross government benefits and go buy some gross food with it, because I'm one of those gross individuals who takes gross government benefits. Oh, and my husband is one of those gross disabled people who really benefits from gross government help. Maybe you should consider exactly who you're talking about before you go flinging your half-assed assumptions around, op. I mean,...
Yeah, it's probably better if you keep that ew factor. Rotten meat is not meant to be eaten. Period. "Antibiotic cleanse" or not. I don't consider that mainstream, I consider that common sense. There's a reason it's rotten. And what about the bacteria crawling all over it? That goes in your body.
I looked at the sources. They're crap. Come back to me when you have a REAL study and viable information. Then we can discuss "gut flora" nonsense.  
And a big, yeah that.   Honestly, that article is just one more way to layer on the mommy guilt. I'm not buying it.  
It's clear that the NATURAL medicine is not working in this situation. Honestly. You need to find a solution for your child. And being blind and refusing to use "pharma" is only going to cause your child more pain. It sounds like you're going from dr. to dr. to find one who will agree with your natural approach and are ignoring the real and true medical advice here. The only one who is suffering from it, is your child.  
As long as the child is not running all crazy like and being disruptive to everyone, I'm cool with it. I'm not the only one in the restaurant and everyone has different standards. My kids have "manners" even in yes, McDonald's (gasp!) or Denny's. I would never bring a child to a super upscale restaurant, even well-behaved ones. How is that fun for the kid? I would rather have that experience sans children and be able to enjoy it more.   Also, Outback and Red Lobster...
Don't they carry some special type of knife to these Joe circles? I've heard of them, too. And only certain men do them.
What everyone else said. And, I don't think the gay is contagious. Your child will be fine.
That was rude. And totally making light of some people's mental issues. Way out of line, imo. Some people were trying to offer you some perspective and point out to you that perhaps you shouldn't try to ruin this dr.'s career over something that did not happen. Your son was not retracted! Your initial letter and response while rude and condescending should be sufficient.    
Yes to all of this. Spending hours on the internet researching and compiling sources in no way makes your knowledge more superior than hers. AND she didn't retract! Holy crap, such a fuss over something that's a non-issue.  
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