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I second the suggestion of tylenol and motrin, especially if he's that much pain. That's a lot for a young baby to handle. My son had an infected finger around that age and we had him on abx. He was fine and the infection cleared pretty quick.
Right. I understand that and I wasn't throwing it out there to shame the op. I was using it as an example of how we've followed her cues. We had a point in our homeschooling career where we got really bogged down in the idea of what howeschooling "should be", instead of what worked for our daughter. At that point, we had to re-work what we were doing and find the right environment for our child, to make HER happy. I mean, isn't that what AP is about? Working with your...
I think in this case, you need to evaluate exactly what he is getting out of your current homeschooling situation. I understand the concept of unschooling and we follow it to a ceratain degree, but my daughter is 8 and can most certainly read, write and perform basic math problems and is even starting on times tables. And she wanted to do it all. I followed her cues. Your child is obviously distressed about how you're going about things, atm and in thinking about putting...
I'm going to say this as gently as possible. Take him to the dr. High fevers are nothing to mess around with. Neither is chicken pox. The ER docs can judge all they want, but if your child is uncomfortable, not eating, possibly dehydrated, he needs to be seen. Period.
Pfftt...... not even close. She's "open to making an apology", but that was far from it. It was kind of like a pat on the head and a condescending "well, it's okay to be offended, but we really didn't do anything wrong". And really, way to throw your employees under the bus.
Yes, absolutely. I am completely addicted. It's bothersome. When I'm not on the computer, I'm usually on my phone internet. I'm a sad case.
I completed both steps. :)
I think that humans a judgemental by nature. I think that the push to be a "perfect" mom makes a lot of us competitive and narrow minded. It's all about perception. If your perception is that the way to raise a happy, healthy child is to practice AP values and to shun anything "mainstream" than you're going to see the moms who feed their kids candy, use CIO, or formula feed by choice as bad parents. I think that what we need to be looking at, is the cases where there is...
No, I dont' think that CIO results in PTSD in babies. Not even close. I think that there are mothers out there who are at the end of their rope, sleep deprived and suffering from PPD and other serious mental disorders because of the lack of sleep. I think that these mothers use CIO as a means to gain some sleep and clarity. I do not liken setting your child down, in a safe place, while observing, to cry, abuse. I will not heap more guilt on these mothers by making the...
You're really going to attribute that to CIO?? Seriously? My husband has PTSD, a psychological condition, can't sleep without white noise, insomnia, nightmares and all you described. It has nothing to do with CIO. Where are the studies that attribute these to CIO? I'm not endorsing CIO, I've not practiced it with my kids, but this seems like an insane leap to make. And if kids are being prescribed sleeping pills, I highly doubt it's because of CIO.  
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