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Boy, do I know what you're saying. My dh was in the marines for 4 years and we made decent money with our housing allowance. Then he got out and we go from making about $34K to about $15K (if we're lucky). And on top of that, he lost his job and was unemployed for about 3 weeks. So now, we're trying to play catchup and we just keep falling further and further behind. Me going to work isn't even an option (maybe I'm being selfish) but my ds is 5 1/2 months and is ebf and...
My 3 yo old was picking her nose ALL the time, so much in fact that she would get bloody noses. I would offer her a tissue and it wasn't working either. Well, it had been very dry here (we went a few months without rain) and we had static electricity all over the place so I put humidifiers in our bedrooms and now she's hardly picking. Maybe that would help your ds.
You're welcome and thank you, . I agree, maybe he's really saying that he wants some attention too. Men can be big babies, especially when it comes to boobs .
I know what you're saying, mama. With our first, I told my dh that I was only going to bf for the first year (1st time momma and I really hadn't done in depth research) and when we hit a year and then went past, he started to let his opinion be known that he wanted my boobs back (his words, not mine), but I stood my ground and eventually, he began to understand and is now super supportive of me. It took awhile though, and many a late night pow wow. Hang in there, keep...
Quote: Originally Posted by LongIsland Which vaccines did he get? Can you elaborate on "fussy?" He got dtap, hib, pcu and ipu. He's not inconsolable, but he goes through periods where he'll just start crying for no reason and it's that high pitched, i'm in pain kinda cry. How do I report this to VAERS? Do I have to take him to his doctor to do it or is there a number I can call? What would you suggest I do to treat the rash?
Okay, so I'm new here, so Hi all! I've learned a lot from all y'all and I just wanted to say thank you for all the information. But anyway, after reading and researching, my husband and I were still on the fence about whether or not to vax. Well, because we hadn't made a concrete decision, at my ds's 4 month checkup, we went ahead and got his shots. Well, that was on friday, and for the past two days he's been fussy and had a fever. Today, I noticed that he has a rash on...
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