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Oh, Mob Wives has me by the balls. I can't look away. I have a weird obsession with all the wives shows. So. Much. Drama.   Anyway, back to the regularly scheduled program.  
Okay, well, then non-ap things:   We use time-outs often.   I have yelled at my kids.   My kids can have some say in what happens around our house, but for the most part, mom and dad are boss. That's it. No discussions.   We have grounded our daughter.   I will cancel activities for bad behavior.   There are limits on what my kids do. They will not play video games all day, because they want to.
We vaccinate.   We use paper towels   We watch all sorts of tv and even play a video game or two.   We also use toilet paper.   We buy non-organic produce   My kids had ice cream and cotton candy tonight   I had three hospital births   Oh, big one..... we don't recycle   I'm sure there's more. I'm not super crunchy.
Geez, doesn't everyone?   Me too.  
Hi!! I'm actually thinking the tomatoes are coming back, at least a few, BUT, we're about to get hit with hail and wind and nasty weather again. Ugh! I'm definitely going to have to replace my cucumbers, melons and squash, and we bought those as established plants. Totally stinks. But, now we have corn, radishes, spinach, and carrots coming up. It's totally exciting. I hope your garden made it through this last bit of weather and you all did too. There was some tornado...
I've made scrambled eggs with them, but I haven't actually tried one on it's own. Umm, we have a pair of rouens, and mixed breeds. I don't know, I can't explain it. I love eggs, usually. There is just something about eating a duck egg. The whites seem more slimy, I guess you could say. It's just that conditioning thing that I have, I suppose.
The milk thing was that she had taken dairy out of their diet, going off of that it was an allergy (which I understand that she was trying to find a solution for her daughter). But, when the dr. suggested that it was the amount of antibiotics that she had been on causing her to be sick, then she tried to prove him wrong by loading her daughter up with dairy to deliberately make her sick. They tested for celiac and she did not have it. The dr. suggested the antibiotic...
I'm going to wait for the end of the weekend and then call our Health and Human Services Office. We get benefits and we have a caseworker that I'm going to talk to. I keep in contact with the one woman because our daughters are friends. It would break my dd's heart not to be able to hang with her friend. Although, the differences there are starting to cause tension between the two girls.
Oh, I have. The one I keep in contact with is not a Pearl follower. Thankfully. I totally agree with that sentiment.   That crossed my mind. Her daughter's issues along with her mental issues.  
I watched it. It was awesome!
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