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They are still pretty small. It's around 60 degrees out, on average. Is that too cold for tomatoes? I'll look for something, umm, maybe milk jugs? I think we planted the others in containers pretty late too and they did great. I've heard that others around us have planted cucumbers and they haven't done well, either. It's actually unusally cool for this time of year. Thank you about the signature  It's one of my favorite quotes.
We mixed in some fertilizer when we tilled, but we haven't done the compost thing, yet. We will. We've grown tomatoes in containers just about every year and they've done awesome. This is the first year we've had them in the ground and they just are sucking. I was thinking about turning our ducks and chickens loose in the garden, at least for a day, but all of our plants are still seedlings and I don't want them to disturb them.
We have about 7 ducks and this is our second year with them, but we added chickens and a pair of geese this year. Last year, we didn't take the duck eggs, we let them hatch and ended up with about 7 babies (we gave some adults and a few babies away). Okay, but this year, we're taking the eggs and they're sitting in my fridge. For some reason, eating them freaks me out. It's weird, I know. I've tried slippng them into food, thinking I wouldn't mind, but yeah, I know. The...
I planted my first garden a couple of weeks ago. Yay! But, a lot of it is dying now. We live in Nebraska and it's just been really windy, rainy and chilly the past few weeks. Go figure, it was in the 90's when we planted. I have some doing really well, my broccoli, cabbage, radishes, celery, strawberries, and eggplant are all doing awesome. But, my tomatoes are wilted and yellow, some are just altogether gone. My pumpkins look horrible! Is there any way to save them??
Thanks, all! We've all provided support for her, at one time or another, with the kids, her house, etc.. She is a very emotionally unstable person and I can see where her hoarding issues come from, at least. I've been in her shoes with the depression and messy house, and all that. It's just kind of one of those things that I always think about, but I've never acted on, because I don't want to call, but at the same time, her kids are in a bad position. And, in no way do I...
We have mutual friends and we've been discussing it. Her behavior is becoming more erratic and the kids are starting to act out more. They are all kind of cowed by her. She's very forceful, sometimes. I'm really just concerned about the baby. She's not getting any better and no one is making any moves to help her.
Okay, so here's the deal. I know this woman. I wouldn't really call her a friend, I mean, we used to be, but I backed off from the friendship and we haven't spoken in awhile. But, she is the first person I've actually considered calling CPS about. I'll give you some general background.   She has three kids, the oldest is 7, then, 4 and 1. The oldest is the only boy and he is out of control. He's mean and just obnoxious and they don't lay down boundaries or even try to...
I'm in Nebraska! Hi! But, sadly, we're about three hours from Holdredge. We're in North Central Nebraska. But, we're unschoolers too. For us, it's hard to find a secular or even integrated homeschool group.
Mmmm. Not what I dreamed, necessarily. I had unrealistic expectations, perfect kids, perfect husband...blah, blah, blah. Away from that, yeah, it's pretty awesome. I love where we live, but it does get lonely. We don't jive with the people in our community and our family is all a few states away. So, that sucks. I love the way my family is now though and I love living in the country.
I don't know if I would bother going to the parents if they aren't going to receive it well. But, if you have a relationship with them, that may be the best approach. I'm not very nice in these situations and neither is dh. We would inform the police. Of course, we live in the boonies, where it's shoot first ask questions later. (and I'm obviously not saying I would shoot a child) But, if they were messing around at night and in our yard and I had no idea who they were,...
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