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Thanks, mama. We just need some direction! While I am really tempted to be closer to the city for cultural reasons, I also need to consider the fact that I am a small town girl who has been living in a city for almost 6 years now and frankly, I am sick of it. I would like a house. And my own yard. And a garage so I can possible start my own gardening business again. We need to get ahead financially, not stretch the budget to just to stay in a safe area closer to the city....
Dp and I are looking to relocate to the Chicago area. His company has several locations throughout the area including Batavia, Melrose Park, Evanston, Northbrook, and Palantine. Also, Waukegan, if we decide to go up that way. We're in the TwinCities now, and I really enjoy how crunchy it is here. I certainly don't want to move to a conservative area. We need: 1. Access to good food, we have food allergies so I need to be near a Whole Foods at the  least. I'm totally...
Klaire Labs & Houston make chewables and are good quality. Enzymedica Digest Gold is awesome, but only comes in a capsule which can be mixed with cool food or drink.
To my knowledge, there are no drop sites in S Mpls. A semi truck makes the deliveries, hence the city is not an appropriate place for deliveries. I run a yahoo group for a drop site in Bloomington. You may pm me if you are interested. BTW, I live in St Paul and Bloomington is the closest drop to me. There are others, but they are closed, either because they are more like private buying clubs, reached capacity for their site, or run through an organization like a church.
Gluten and dairy free pretty much cleared up my acne, cod liver oil, zinc, and B5 finished it off.  
Yes, Kirkman's is great, as is Custom Probiotics (CP is very expensive upfront but way cheaper per dose because it is very concentrated).
I would stop all solids and get her on a bifidus probiotic, increasing until she is pooping every day. Like this:   http://www.customprobiotics.com/custom-probiotics-infant-probiotic-formulation.htm
Core work should help significantly. I had a good recovery from a mild bladder prolapse.   http://mamasweat.blogspot.com/2010/05/pelvic-floor-party-kegels-are-not.html
I love our dentists.   I go to Dr. Peroutka at Cahill Dental in Inver Grove Heights:   http://www.cahillgentledental.com/   My dd goes to Dr. Glenn at Dakota Children's Dentistry, also in IGH:   http://www.dakotachildrensdentistry.com/     I don't know about natural or holistic but they are very gentle, patient, kind, and respectful. And do not use amalgam fillings, nor push for unnecessary work.
I would not. We use Custom Probiotics, allergen free. Very expensive upfront but very concentrated so they last a long time. They have an infant version.
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