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Thanks Mama's! Those are exactly what I was looking for !!!
Hi I am looking for a play cash register for my 3 year old. But I don't really like the Haba one, and all the others are so yucky. So I am looking for something in between.... and thoughts?? Or maybe how to make one?? Thanks!
So I am going to turn in my vax exemption forms to my daughters preschool tomorrow and I am totally nervous about it. My fear is that they give me a hard time about it and I won't know how to respond. I hope I can drop it off and never hear anything about it! Wish me luck!
Hello, We just moved to NC from Colorado. The preschool I want to enroll my dd in said it required her to be vaxed. She has only had one DT shot. I have read all the posts on exemptions and specifically NC. But wonder if because it is a private preschool and not a public school if the exemption will be honored. Thanks!!
My daughter is obsessed with Little Orphan Annie and I would love to make her a doll. Not sure where to start though. I have made one of those "Knitted Babies" and could do that again, but was hoping for something a little stiffer and life like. Any thoughts? I can knit well, can hand sew, but don't have a machine Thanks!!
I have finally organized my holiday photos and wanted to share the pics of the Christmas Stocking I made! It was so fun to create this little heirloom! http://stukatneva.blogspot.com/2009/...-stocking.html
I finally finished my felt advent calendar and wanted to share!!! Next I am working on a felt stocking for my dd. What are you working on for the holidays, share pics!! I love getting new ideas! http://stukatneva.blogspot.com/2008/...-calendar.html
Thank you so much! This is EXACTLY what I needed and want to do for gifts! You rock!~
I love the one we made: http://stukatneva.blogspot.com/
Leenie-We made one of those cardboard ones last year for her and she loved it. So did we, it cost nothing to make. I think the "forty-two roads" one is great. Good luck with whatever you decide to make!
New Posts  All Forums: