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OMG, thank you all so much for the totally ego boosting comments! Right now, I would have to say that I love it more than Neva does, but she is only 2 and will probably start playing with it more and more now that she is getting older. So glad to inspire others to make one too. It really was pretty easy, just took time.
I took us forever but we finally finished this play kitchen for our dd! Check it out on my blog! http://stukatneva.blogspot.com/
I took us forever but we finally finished this play kitchen for our dd! Check it out on my blog! http://stukatneva.blogspot.com/
Meet Saxon! I knit her for my almost 2 year old daughter. I made her to look like my dd with white hair and blue eyes. My friends say Saxon looks like Christina Aguliera in her "Dirty" days, I agree, but it was not on purpose. I gave her some pink hair to represent my fun hair color days! I knit the purple dress she is wearing and also some undies, and I am working on other accessories as well. Hope you like it!! http://quick.holdthatpic.com/280376
I decided to start making my dd felt food, so I did a bunch of research, found some templates, and started sewing! I thought, WOW, this is great, they are easy to make, cheap, quick and better than all that plastic play food that is everywhere. Then I looked at the label and it said, "Eco Felt, made from 100% recycled plastic bottles" WHAT? CRAP, it is plastic after all! Ohhhh, I get it, the "felt" you get in craft stores is not *real* wool felt. So on my search to...
I know it's early, but I started thinking about what I want my dd to be for Halloween, which is also her birthday. I started my search and all I found was lots of cheap, cheesy, polyester, disney looking costumes. Any thoughts or photos of things you have done in the past? Maybe something I could make myself? (I don't sew) Thanks!!!
Any suggestions? The mosquito's are driving me nuts and the burts bee's stuff is just not cutting it? Thanks!!
One more thing I thought of, my dd has always hated being restrained as well (ie: car seat). I recently read an article in Mothering Magazine about how time spent in the birth canal can relate to certain anxiety. I pushed for 6 hours, so that makes sense to me and it has helped me be more accepting of her acting out. I tell her "it's ok, I'll get you out soon." May or may not strike a cord with your situation, but thought I would share.
I just wanted to send you a hug, that sounds like it must be really difficult to deal with. My daughter would pass out when she fell or was scared. She did out grow it but it was really stressful. I know your situation is different but I would start by saying, get another doctor or a natural practitioner. I helped treat Neva with Bach flower remedy's, homeopathy, and cranial sacral work. These all deal with the emotional aspects of life. Sure, she may out grow...
Sorry to hyjack the thread and probably spell hyjack wrong. But here is a link to the woman on Etsy who sells the template to make the kitchen: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=9456434 It's pretty easy. GOod luck!
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