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We just moved in to a new house and I think it has hard water based on the crusty stuff showing up in my humidifier and the stains in the toilet. I use BG 2.0 and wash with charlies. I was wondering if having hard water will eventually effect my diapers? And if it will, what can I do to prevent any issues. Thanks!!
I was boiling my dd some frozen peas the other day, then decided to leave, walk to the coffee shop, go to the children's museum, enjoy the nice weather......... 2 hours later........ came home to a house FULL of nasty smoke and thank god no flames! My 100 year old house smells so bad, actually like cigarette smoke, and it is driving me crazy. The worst are the kitchen cabinets, they totally stink. I have obviously aired it out as much as I can during winter in...
We are going a little nuts. We have friends who live in the mountains and are having a 3 day celebration. There will be about 30 people there, lots of families, kids, hot springs, shoe shoeing, talent shows, movies and all around fun. I have a feeling dd will be sleeping in the Ergo lots!
Hi Mods, Why am I unable to start a new thread on the TP Diapers? Thanks! Kat
Thanks everyone! IrisV, I love what you said, thanks. The thought of whipping out the breast pump made me want to cry. My dd has never been in to nursing either. I miss the closeness of it, holding her still and sweetly in my arms, but I am ok to be done. I nursed her for over 12 months and feel good about that. It is good to hear that they don't really need milk, I myself can't stand it. We eat a diet of organic whole food and she eats tons. She does have lots...
I just bought my dd a little silverware set that has spoons, forks and little blunt knives that I got at my local toy store in the kitchen accessory section. They are stainless steel and were like $10 for 4 of each. She loves them, I too didn't want the plastic ones.
She won't latch, I try every now and then. She was never a comfort nurser, and never once pulled on my shirt or gave signs that she wanted to nurse, it was always me who would put her on. I totally appreicate your suggestions and I too agree that nursing would be the best option, but to be honest I am looking for other suggestions. Do some kids just not like milk? Is milk really necessary?
14 month old had one cold and one chest cold with only a cough. I however I have been sick 5 times and had the stomach bug once and she never got any of it. She has a great immune system.
My dd (14 months) stopped breast feeding about a month ago, she weaned herself and I am still a little sad about it. Before she weaned (and probably why she weaned from the breast) we were giving her goat milk in a bottle at night and maybe once during the day. She has also been drinking water out of a sigg water bottle for 6 months, and I have never given her juice. But we recently stopped giving her the bottle on her own cues (she kept pushing it away). So I have...
A few months ago my dd fell, not too bad but enough that when she took that big first inhale before the loud wail she sort of held her breath and passed out in my arms for a few seconds. Fortunately, I was at a friends who is a physician and she saw the whole thing. She came too, was kind of out of it for a few more seconds then was fine. I totally freaked out, but my friend said she saw it coming and said the best thing to do next time is to keep her upright but tight...
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