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tilly, Have you ever been tested to see if you have bladder reflux? 3 of my children were born with it, and the only way to diagnose it with certainty is a test called VCUG. This is a condition in which the bladder walls do not contract when you urinate. The bladder walls are suppossed to contract around the ureters and close them so that when you urinate, all of the urine flows out of the urethra. But in reflux, the ureters do not get closed off by the bladder wall...
I was going to say the same thing as Jane....drinking (and eating) enough is really important. I am only nursing one right now, but you sound like me...I was getting dizzy a lot, etc. and I think it's part dehydration and part sleep deprivation! Like someone else said, it has to work for your baby AND you. I know it's hard to ever put ourselves first, but sometimes if we don't, everyone around us suffers. I had to remind myself of this a lot yesterday! Good luck.
DaryLLL, I just saw your post..thanks, I will check that out! I don't want to stop nursing, I could really use some encouragement. All my other kids weaned when they were ready on their own, and I want to let my ds do the same if i can just hang in there.
excuse me, I'm just posting again to see if my new signature thing is working.
Hi you guys, I am up because my toddler has been giving me fits the past few days! He is trying out a new behavior I guess....Screaming if he does not get his way on every-thing. But he fell back asleep now...and I can't fall back asleep. :yawning: Barb, good luck with your singing! Natalya, I know how you feel, worrying that you're not a good enough Christian to get up in front of people. I have been there many times. I think sometimes it's simply the devil...
Thanks for responding, at 1st i was really thinking going out to school might be better for him. But now I've started to remember the reasons why we hs'd in the first place, and those reasons are still valid. Thanks, I will check into this further.
My ds will be 12 this fall. We have always homeschooled but it has not gone well. We had him tested for learning disabilities and the preliminary results show he does have some problem. Our town does have some resources for this, but I did tell them already that even though he'd be of age to enter 6th grade this fall, I don't think he'll be able to handle it at least not at first. I was reading here a minute ago about the No Child Left Behind thing. I am wondering...
Happy Birthday, by the way!
Hi laura, Wow, twins! Boys or girls, or one of each? How old are your other children? My oldest dd just had her 16th birthday, that is hard for me to believe. I still remember bringing her home from the hospital so clearly. I also have 14 year old dd, a 9 year old and a 5 year old. My other son is almost 12, he was 10 when his baby brother was born and he was so happy to finally have a brother. I do have more patience now (usually) but not more energy.
I tried to use the "laughing so hard he's pounding on the floor" smiley guy. Don't know how I wound up with the sad face!
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