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Not sure on that brand specifically, but my daughter once ate a small chunk of Baby's own, or Ivory, or whatever. She was fine. She did gag and throw up, it tastes pretty awful, but not harmful, at least in small amounts. I wouldn't worry unless it's not made to use on people or something. Is it like regular soap, or some special household cleaning thing?
Interesting thread. Dobermans scare me. When I was a kid, our pastor and his wife had 2 of them. One of them was ok, the other not. She snapped at me once. Our neighbours had one that also snapped at me, but in the dog's defence, I had no idea how to approach a dog. I was like 10, and no one ever taught me, so I went right up and tried to pat the dog on the head. Bad idea!
Just pee & poop here.
Quote: Originally Posted by TechnoGranola I hear ya! The word "vulva" is just not nice sounding, ya know? I agree, but it's correct so it's what I teach my daughter. We use penis for what boys have. She an only, so not much occasion to use it. She did once tell a firend, who is like 6 months younger, that he ha d penis, and she ha da vulva. His mom was NOT amused. She hasn't taught him anything yet. I also refer to the whole area as her...
I can so relate. In my case, I got so I just avoided people except for a couple close friends. I can't say I recommend that, though, as I NEVER got back to where I was before. I eventaully found a job, and got on with my life, but church was never the part of my life it had been again. I like the idea of telling a couple people, and hoping word spreads.
With my daughter aporund that age, it was visiting the lobsters at the grocery store. I"m a single mom, but sometimes, my dad woudl gice us a ride tot he store, and Rachel would get him to stay with us. My dad would take her, and I'd try to arrange to meet up with them again AFTER I went thru line. Not always possible, but it helped. Didn't eliminate the tantrum, just meant it happened when it was time to leave anyhow. I don't generally think it's a good idea to leave...
Oh, I believe you. I had a co-worker who adored her son, but clearly didn't like her daughter. If I said anything nice about the daughter, I'd get a list of all her faults, and how she wasnt' really very nice, she just acted nice aorund others to make mom look bad. I felt sooo bad for her. My mom claims if she did have a favourite it was me, but I was definitely the 2nd class citizen in my family.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lydiah I would wait it out and use garlic infused olive oil to manage the pain. Most ear infections clear up with out abx. I know first hand that that type of stuff doesn't do squat for the pain. My mom didn't believe in using drugs, so I just had to suffer through with only natural rememdies. So I've tried pretty much everything. Obviously, I was ok without abx, but once I could make my own choices, and found...
These helmets get spammed at every website at some point.
I will never have a homebirth, and I wouldn't want to, other than to avoid hopsital food. I didn't have a great hospital experience, (I didn't get the epidural I wanted-I still think it might have prevented a c-section in my case. ) But, for me, I WANT constant fetal monitoring during labour. If I coudl get it the last 4 months of pregnancy, I would. No, I'm not kidding. I worried almost constantly, except when I was sleepng or being monitored. Beng at home other than...
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