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LOL..got it!! Thank you for the info! I had never paid attention to that before and once I started to read about it, it was unnerving. Big brother, right? Is this what they implant into dogs? Guess I shouldn't worry that my DS was playing with the tag after I cut it off (and before I noticed)....It waas coming apart and he was having fun with the silver part...(it's a sticker, he said) the silver part is sticky, but I guess just to adhere to the fabric overlay.
I just noticed today a tag in my DS" jeans that says "Remove Before washing or Wearing"....umm..yea...they have been washed and worn a TON since I bought them in the fall. Crap. So, I foudn out they are RFID tags (Radio frequency tags) that act as security devices. Could him wearing this cause any harm to him? Is there any radioactivity going on???? I'm all sort of freaked out about that now.
Hello, I have an older Hasbro metal Tonka truck from my eldest DS from about 1999. My youngest DS (age 2.5) LOVES to play with it. I just noticed today that part of the paint is coming off in a weird powder like way where the dump part of the truck meets the base (not sure how best to describe it). Anyway, of course now I am freaked out that it is potentially lead paint and he has been playing with it in the house for years! UGH! I wrote to Hasbro but just...
When my ex brings toddler DS to the sitters, he packs some of his food in #5 plastic container. I don't know if sitter microwaves the containers (finding out tmrw) but they don't say microwave. All it says is made in china, the 5 in the recycled symbol and the fork and glass symbol. Do you think this was safe if they were microwaved? I am freaking out that they could leach into my son's food! Ugh!
Can one get sick from eating broccoli that was on its last legs? Took toddler DS to dinner at a chain restaurant (I know...) and got him a side of steamed broccoli...didn't realize until he had eaten most of it, that it was very limp and one of the stalks looked a little black on the bottom. Egad! Luckily, he only eats the "tops of the trees" but still....My friend said not to worry...and the mold is only penicilin..but still, I feel badly that I didn't notice it sooner.
This may seem silly, but here goes. I have a Brita pitcher that sits in my fridge and doesn't get used that regularly. I believe I changed the water in it maybe 2 weeks ago. Since it was in the back, most of the water froze, including the water around the filter. My son drank a glass of water out of it before I knew....think that's okay?? I am letting it defrost and will replace the filter, since I assume freezing it can't be good for it? Anyway, I guess I'm worried...
Thanks you. I wish it were as easy as that, but there is that little agreement with the ex about not moving out of state. (an hour and a half away is a new state).
The thing is, even if I wasn't in a relationship, I would have to move anyway. I cannot afford to stay the town that I live in. I can barely pay my bills right now. I would most likely have to move in with my sister (2 hours away) or my mom (an hour away). So, really, moving isn't even an OPTION, but a survival for me right now. I do think I am sacrificing. My kids are like oxygen to me. I don't know how I will do without seeing his face every day.
Thank you all so very much for your thoughts. I have told my son over and over again that he is ALWAYS welcome to come to live with me at ANY point WHENEVER he wants....my door is always open and I always want him. I keep telling him that I want him with me more than anything, but I do understand that he wants to stay in the same town with his friends he has known since he was 5. Despite how his dad reacts towards me, he is a good father to my DS and they have a very...
I am looking for support and advice on a big decision I have made. I am engaged to a wonderful man who happens to live 1.5 hours away from me. Because of his job, he is not able to relocate to my town. I have 2 DS - the youngest, age 2, will come with me with no questions asked by his father. My eldest is 12 and his father lives in the same town as us. We have had long talks about this and even tho he loves my BF, he is not willing to move and leave his friends and...
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