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Can I just ask (sorry if this is an ignorant question...I just haven't thought of it in a while). If the MMR vaccine sheds through nasal droplets, why aren't more unvaccinated children getting the diseases? is it uncommon? I know that here in canada the MMR vax is given at age 1, this is also coincidently when children start going to daycare here as our mat leaves end at one year. But I haven't heard of a measles (or mumps) outbreak here in a long time.     
another vote for the baby mild...I actually stopped using the peppermint for our bodies at all. Party because we use homeopathics and it didn't make sense to just not use it when we needed a remedy, and party because one of us would always forget and wash our genitals or face with it and yeeeow!  It's a great cleaner but a not so great body soap IMO.    I use the baby mild and put one drop of lavender EO in the small bottle...for two reasons, because I love it and...
The morning of Jan. 2nd (after weeks of promodral labour and a few false alarms) I started my day early with surges that could have been more practice or could have been the real thing, but after weeks of not knowing, I just carried on...with some strange sense that it was the real thing but not getting my hopes up. I made breakfast and cleaned the house and then had some bloody show. All this was about my norm for 41+3 but I really hadn't ever had much in the morning,...
Great suggestions...I have been mastering the FCC over the past few days, but am planning to try a FWCC like you suggested when I head into town for groceries tomorrow am. This was my mom's suggestion actually...she and I were brainstorming on this and she offered this up as an idea!   Thanks everyone...winterbabywearing is a challenge sometimes but can be done with lots of creativity!  Kind of makes me excited for spring and summer though!  
Lots of great advice so far but I just wanted to add that the shoulder style on a Maya ring sling always really bothered my back. If you can, try something more like the Sakura bloom shoulder. It is more fanned out and with more coverage on the shoulder there is also more support on the back. We like the ring sling for quick carries but need something more supportive for all the time carries (we use wraps). But a pikalo would work well too. Once you master it, you'll just...
Ok... So I'm trying to figure out...for the second time in my babywearing career...which way is best to wrap a baby in winter and wet weather. My issue is trying to not get the ends of the wrap soaking wet from puddles, slush piles or snow. I wrap my babe when going anywhere from the car, as we don't use a bucket infant seat so he must go into a sling. I find ring slings to be too straining on my back when used for longer time frames so only use it when going quickly...
agree with the pp's notion of using a back carry...you'd need a woven wrap...but it doesn't have to be a fancy one. The rucksac carry way up high can work nicely at this age. 
great news mamma! how long before one can do this??    
Thinking of you today...sending you lots of going into labour vibes!!!!
oh and we have a wonderful pediatric chiro...I am going in to see her this week, I'll have ds with me and will ask her advice on this too. Great thought.
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