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When I was transitioning to a more TF diet with less grains I used to make these coconut flour recipes alot. Using coconut palm sugar as the sweetener lowered the glycemic index rating. I remember them all being very good :: gingerbread muffins banana walnut muffins herb biscuits blueberry muffins ginger-pear upside down cake (this was so ) dense chocolate cupcakes (good with raspberry coulis poured over) double chocolate cookies pb cookies With almond flour...
I make a juice base first of celery, carrot, cucumber, ginger, beet and apple. Then I blend that with a good handful of kale, some ice and occasionally half a banana
Water, herbal teas iced or hot, herbal infusions iced, kombucha, fermented rosehip-hibiscus soda, milk, sparkling water, fresh veggie juices.
Quote: Originally Posted by bluebirdmama1 I never have any issues because I use a french press which is very fine. This is a great idea. It never occurred to me to use a french press. I always just poured everything into a mason jar and then strained the next day. I shall try this next time.
I wrap my bread in a large linen napkin and store it in an open plastic bag on the counter. The open bag allows for some air circulation, the linen absorbs any moisture that collects and the plastic keeps it from drying out.
I like to put sweet potatoes through the apple peeler/spiraler for thin slices which I then fry up in EVCO. Are you all using a special deep fryer or just a deep cast iron pan or some such cookware? And how much oil do you use?
Quote: Originally Posted by pampered_mom I really am looking for advice on canned fish. And yes, I am aware of the possibility for something like BPA in the lining of the can. If you buy canned salmon or sardines...what brands do you buy, what do you look for, etc? Raincoast Trading Company is what we use. Sustainably caught and there is no BPA used in any of their cans.
The High Blood Pressure Solution
I like it savory. I add diced cucumber, chopped fresh mint, squeeze of lemon and fresh black pepper. After this is mixed add a generous drizzle of olive oil.
Quote: Originally Posted by cristeen And if I'm feeling particularly indulgent, I'll bake myself an almond pound cake - which is a cream cheese / egg base with ground almonds instead of flour. It's full of healthy fats and protein and makes a great cold breakfast - while feeling completely indulgent. Sometimes I'll eat it with cheese, sometimes I'll make a PB sandwich with it. Recipe please?
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