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Ahhhh!  Hot summer days.  I discovered Mama Spa today.  You take one kiddy pool fill it full of bubbles and warm water then add two kiddies with lotus petals to give mama a massage.  Awesome Lughnasah day!  Here is to a wonderful season!  
Does anyone know of a trustworthy babysitter in the Hagerstown area?  I am looking for some one to watch my 2 1/2 year old daughter for two days Nov 22 and/or 23 from about Noon till 8-9PM.  I would love for it if the babysitter would come to my home to do the sitting but at the other persons home could be fine too.  We would pay about $10 an hour.  Please PM me if you know any one looking to make a little holiday money.  Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by doubledutch goo. i did the chakra eval thing at the first link and i only have two, like, remotely functional chakras. not that i'm surprised, because most areas of my life are totally whack right now, but it left me wondering . . . what do i work on FIRST?! start at the root? Yeah, I would start at the root and work upwards.
Nothing blooming here Its Snowing again! DDs new favorite word is Snow! Yeah for Snow!
I am going for an Imbolc Week too! Love all the yummy food.
Anyone got any Imbolc plans? We just got snow today, hopefull it will last thru Imbolc cause I would love to take my DD out to play on the day. I am planing on suprising my hubby with a candle light breakfast in bed and the weekend after we are going out to a Winterfest Fairy party. It will be our first real date with out our little girl with us. We go out a lot to eat but always with our little one. So this will be nice Imbolc/Valentines day date. Anyone else doing...
All your snow has made it up to Maryland today! I can't wait to take my little girl out to make snowbabies in them once enough accumulates. I love walking in our Winter Wonderland.
:Puke Wow, what a kick off to the week, dd, dh and I all got a bad stomach bug. Vomiting, diahreah, nausea, all three of us at the same time. I feel totally purged from one end to the other. On the other hand isn't purging something to do to get ready for next years treasure map? Aww, there is a bright side to everything. It can only go uphill from here
Just a few things to keep in mind. Remember that the Bible is a collection of many writing by many different authors over many years. So the usage of words vary from chapter to chapter depending on the authors, language, where he lived, his own beliefs, the time in which he wrote. So what Satan is like in Job is going to be very different from Satan in Revelations. The other thing to keep in mind it that their are many other writings, oral histories and traditions that...
I know your frustration. In the churchs I attended growing up the WORD was taught but nothing was given to explain the whys and hows of it or why that WORD was the real word vs other possibilities. It wasn't until I started studying the history of the Christian church and the history of the Bible that I started to understand the whys and hows of everything. One good place to start is the book Misquoting Jesus by Bart D. Ehrman. It tells of how the bible came to be what...
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