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My 19 month old watches more TV than I would like... but.. I have a 4 month old that needs my attention too... and call me a rotton mother if you wish... I just can't tend to the both of them all the time... sometimes I need that 30 minutes of barney... or whatever... It helps and I'm sorry... I dont see how 30 minutes a day will hurt the little guy..
my 1st son rolled over at 14 weeks... 2nd son rolled over at 6 weeks!! but I did think that was a bit early... sitting up... ds#1- 4 months assisted 5 1/2 months alone ds #2- 4 months assisted (he is 4 1/2 months now and sit alone for a few sec)
Quote: Originally Posted by foreskin friendly DP's sis then delivers the news, no kids, no exceptions. Groom reinforces that emotion. Um.. no flower girl or ring boy? Those would be considered children... Good Luck!!
Quote: Originally Posted by lolar2 Psst, Nutri-Grain bars are no better nutritionally than Pop-tarts. Don't tell me that!! I like to assume they are so I dont feel quite as guilty letting him eat them.
Quote: Originally Posted by paquerette Oh dear! Well, if you want to get your 19 mo (and DH!) on better poptarts, you can make them at home. http://asweetfantasy.blogspot.com/20...pop-tarts.html I HAD NO CLUE!!! I appreciate the link... and I'm going to try that maybe Sunday morning after we goto the grocery store!! Yummy.. they actually look good!! I've not been as picky towards what he eats because he's allergic to eggs and chicken... not...
: So I guess I'm going to have to watch my 19 month old a tad bit closer around my 3 month old. Yesterday I found him giving ds#2 his juice... which my 3 month old LOVED..: I explained to ds#1 that juice was a "big boy" drink and baby brother can't have "big boy" drinks cause he is still a baby. So instead of giving him his sippy full of juice this morning (juice is actually 95% water 5% juice-only way I can drink ds#1 to drink water!!) he gives him a piece of his...
same here... and I thought I had it all figured out.. what was I thinking???
Wal-Mart pharmacy will give you a discount on meds if you have no insurance or crappy insurance!!! check with them!! I've got tablets left over.... wish i could help you out by sending thm your way....sorry girl!!
My great great grandmother gave me this advice.... and it worked!!! It's not going to stop the pooping... just make it where it's harder... Boil some rice in a bag. Once the rice is done.. take the WATER from the pot... let it cool off some and give it to your LO. (getting my children to actually drink the water was the hardest part) they only need about 3-4 oz of it... and walla... poop is mushy rather than water... it's GREAT!!! and it doesn't ruin their bottom...
Quote: Originally Posted by PatioGardener Can you ask him why he thinks it is weird? What he is worried about? Sometimes if we understand someone's fears, it is easier to show them that nothing bad will happen. For example, if he worries that it will make your son 'dependent' and that he won't bond with dad, explaining the health benefits of breastfeeding and health risks of formula feeding may not make a difference to your DH at all. But if you can...
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