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It works for me. I think "parents as partners" may be one of those forums you can only access after you've written a certain number of posts and/or been a member for a certain amount of time.   I agree with the PP. This is probably a situation where professional help is needed. A good therapist will help you guys untangle the more confusing aspects of all this, and will help him understand himself and what he needs better.   I don't have your partner's...
Well if anyone else wants to start things up again, speak up!
I don't have experience with alcohol dependence, but I have plenty of other significant and stubborn bad habits. I recently read the book "The Power of Habit" by Charles Duhigg, and I think it can be extremely helpful for changing behaviors and patterns. The parts that are especially relevant for individuals are extremely short, just the first part of three out of the book, and then an appendix in the back called "a reader's guide to using these ideas."   He also...
I wonder why? And would it be easier to maintain and more sustainable if it was a group instead of a tribe?
Did NMY die out? This is the last thread I can find.
This is exactly what I came back to MDC looking for!   I really hope we can start a tribe, or something like that. My partner is great, and a lot more "normal" than it sounds when I am focusing on his faults and challenges... but at the same time, cumulatively, those challenges are huge. Now that I've understood (and it has sunk in) that he has Aspergers, things have been improving steadily, but I could use some community and guidance.
Quote: Originally Posted by phatchristy I would say I would be sure to adequately clean everything with the enzymatic solution before bringing another cat in. Also, you can get a blacklight to find spots you may have mix. Urine will fluoresce in a blacklight. Ah, I forgot about blacklights! Thanks so much!
Hi everyone, We were fostering a lovely cat that had a stubborn bladder infection and ended up peeing nearly all over our apartment. Since then I've been waffling over whether to foster another cat or not, and I'd like to get informed and finally make a decision--so that we can either have another kitty, or give back the litter box etc! So my question is, is there cat pee residue around the house now? If we get another foster cat, are they more likely to pee around...
I logged back in and noticed that people had kept responding, so I thought I'd update. I ended up taking it. The dentist prescribed me two pills and I decided that I'd take one. Since the bus commute to the dentist is 45 min and it said to crush the pill and take it 30 min before the appt, I decided to arrive early and take it there, which is what they do for their usual med that they use. However when I arrived early they whisked me in for the appointment right after...
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