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Clothes on the floor, and to a lesser extent too much stuff on the floor in general. However keeping the clothes in a single pile, preferably on a chair or in a basket, is much better than when they are scattered around in various heaps. Piles of dirty dishes that are clearly really old and spreading from the sink area. But seriously, I wouldn't worry about this, you have the best and cutest reason not to clean!
I've always found this smilie sort of creepy, or at least unhealthy looking. Quote: Originally Posted by Astrogirl FWIW, I think the one labelled 'innocent' and this one labelled 'shy' should be switched. I totally agree! Or at least I think that smilie should be used for 'shy', and the current 'shy' smilie needs to go lie down in a quiet room until she feels better.
I have a tendency towards anxiety and sleep problems as well--not so much depression, except when the anxiety has become a real pain in the butt. What worked for me? On one hand, seeing a naturopathic doctor and improving my nutrition. A good quality multivitamin is a good place to start. In particular magnesium and B vitamins can affect our mental health, as well as our physical health. Also, omega 3 fatty acids, via salmon, sardines, and/or cod liver oil. And often...
I chose green. It's the most versatile of my favorite colors. For clothes, my favorite color is probably brown. Besides green and brown, my favorite color is red, especially rusty red. As my personality has changed it is reflected in my favorite color changing, yet it's always been the same range.
I would taste it. Have you ever had nuts that are too old, or oils? It would taste like that, if it's not good anymore.
This calls for a poll!
I voted other. I'd be less inclined to choose a name like that, but I wouldn't completely avoid them. My DSD has a Gaelic name like that, and it's lovely and worth the initial confusion.
The worst calls were the ones that my DH answered, especially the charity calls when he was broke. He'd work himself into a contorted frenzy explaining that he was broke, unable to comprehend why the caller would never say "Oh, I understand. Okay, bye." Usually he'd end up giving them some small amount of money. Finally I insisted that he give all those calls to me and I'd hang them up. More recently I've discovered that you can say "Please take me off your call list" and...
Paddington, love your senior title Very cool to have this forum! I'm American, DH is Bosnian or Yugoslavian. Boy have we had our ups and downs around cultural differences! Finally after nearly five years together and a year and a half of marriage, we seem to be developing our own culture We live in Canada. My family is also sort of multicultural. Part of my father's family was New England francophone, and he made sure we kept that up. My mother works in classical...
Well, bravo for you for ending things on a good note. And lucky that she's moving so the tension can dissipate
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