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Quote: Originally Posted by KateSt. How do you explain thrush in a newborn in terms of LoA? His experience of it is very easy and downstream even if he is complaining a lot...it is easy and downstream complaining
I'm very picky when it comes to mysteries--don't like anything too postmodern. I'm a devoted fan of George Simenon's Maigret series. They're deliciously French in the same sort of way that Agatha Christie is so English. Also, all the Maigret novels are short, so a pretty quick read--which is good because once I get sucked in, I can't stop reading, so better that the book doesn't go on for too long! There's tons of them, but they're out of print, so easier to find in...
Just tell him. My only tip would be, fudge the truth a little and make it sound like this is a recent change of heart you've had. It'll avoid the potential unhappy realization that he's been doing this nice thing for awhile that actually wasn't wanted.
Subscribing! This is something I've often wondered. There must be ways to use at least most of the green parts of leeks.
Quote: Originally Posted by mariposita I asked my guides for guidance and to show me the clear answer/path I should take. Then I had a vivid, amazing dream where I got a clear answer. That DS is here on earth (and right now is having these "problems") to help ME; to deliver a message to ME for my own growth. The message was: "Honor his spirit and what he's trying to teach me and his sleep issues and eczema will just go away". When I woke up it was...
Because the situation with sub-prime mortgages, and its effect on bank investments, is so severe and insufficiently understood--this is not a normal economic slowdown.
Who/what is sarasprings? Classic clothes don't go in or out. That's the point. If the clothes look good on you, it doesn't matter if they're in or out, especially if it's a relatively simple style--not some garish 80's outfit.
I've used rosehip seed oil added to jojoba oil. Right now I'm using some "cleopatra's secret" products from naturesgift.com (a great aromatherapy source), it's supposed to be for wrinkles and I'm hoping it'll help with scarring too. I've seen improvements, but I'm never sure if they're brief short term skin-tightening affects or long term improvements.
The title says it all. Where do you get your fabric? If you order it from a Canadian site, what's the url? If you order it from an American site, is it worth the extra charges? I'd also be interested in stores in the Vancouver area. And maybe somebody else is curious about stores in another area At the moment I'm looking for cute cottons and terrycloth to make baby wipes for my first project
If you are eating way less sugar then before, you could be having candida die-off. Are you eating whole grains? If not, you may be missing the nutrients we need from grains.
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