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Hi! This is my first. And a big surprise, too! It was an oops--and I am really glad, I could never make up my mind whether to start trying or not.
Oh man! I just got a positive this morning. It has been quite a day! And just now a friend reminded me about DDCs! So here I am! I'll read through this thread tomorrow... I'm pretty tired... what I was so sure was PMS
That was my mom's view. There's some truth to it, sure. But there's a lot more going on, discipline-wise, between a parent and child than there is between a human trainer and dog. Remember, dogs are domesticated. They have been bred from their natural form--wild dogs and wolves, as I understand it--to what we know today, everything ranging from great danes to bulldogs to chihuawas (sp). Alongside those physical changes, humans have bread for behavioral traits--and a big...
Since I'm just ttc, my interest is purely theoretical right now! But I've always been interested in different educational approaches, and I figure the knowledge will come in handy some day I'm especially interested in Montessori (and Montessori-influenced) homeschooling. But I'm puzzled by the question of separating, or not, work and play--especially for those who live in relatively small spaces. What are your approaches? Does it seem important to you to maintain a...
Thanks everyone!
We have wood flooring in our apartment, which has been neglected for a long time--not sure how long. The building owners aren't interested in doing anything about the floors. Meanwhile they're very scuffed, in some places broken and a bit splintered, and in some places they have water damage. We're doing some home repairs, with an eye towards childproofing. I'd like to improve the floor--especially dealing with the potential splinters and little holes. It would be...
In our area, we can only buy 1 liter bottles of milk. After a week, the milk is icky, and gets worse fast. (It might be worth noting that I'm on the picky side, when it comes to milk's age.) However we primarily only use milk for morning oatmeal, and not much, at that. By the end of the week, we still have about 3/4 of the liter left--sometimes more, sometimes less. What are some things I could do with this milk, whether cooking-related or bathroom/bodycare...
How much stuffing should I order (by pound) if the pattern doesn't specify, but produces a stuffed animal of 7 in tall and 9 in long... I'm not sure how wide it is, probably between 4 and 6 in? Can anyone provide an educated guess?
I voted 1, but I'm either a 1.25 or a 1.5 depending on the day.
I do, usually. But DH and I now have a new plan for cleaning, where we'll be trading off. I don't really mind though. Our toilet doesn't usually get that dirty, for whatever reason.
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