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Oh Man!!!! Nnnoooooooooo!!!!!!!!! Where are people getting their co-op info then? I'm in the middle of nowhere...not near a city and not near other crunchy gals
I can't find this forum anywhere? What am I doing wrong? I am well past the 50/60 rule... Thanks!
I put on weight easily enough, but my MFM strongly suggested "protein therapy" in the form of 3 high protein Boosts a day. Each has 15 g of protein and everything else in it is ballanced for optimum whatever. The MFM said it is more common than not for pregnant women to be protein and calcium deficient during pregnancy - even if they are eating like crazy. I had fluid issues at the time (poly/oli twins) but just srtingently drinking the Boosts and resting was enough to...
They nurse on demand during the day... I wake them to nurse in the day if the don't wake themselves at least that often in the hope that increased day nusing will help with the night time stuff. i do have two other littles - 2.5 dd and 1.5 ds. I have depended fully on family etc to care for them so far and have really just holed up with the twins nursing and trying to recover from the CS. Dh is great during the day buy worthless at night. And I wish I could just...
I was just coming to ask y'all for advice about this... my problem is that my newborn twin boys want to marathon nurse from about 9pm until 4 am every night! I am about at my wits end and feel physically ill from lack of sleep ... any insight???? They are two weeks old now.
Congrats mama! can't wait to hear the rest...
Congrats mama and welcome Harper!
Congrats mama, and happy baby!!
congrats mama!
Thankns for the update mama. Glad your LO is doing so well!
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