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Yes, they are here. Sean Martin and Silas came through the C-seaction with flying colors. They were each just shy of 5lbs and about 17+ inches long. No one has a birth mark so Silas is wearing nail polish on his pinkies (blue, of course) as of now. The c-section was no fun. It was totally counterintuitive to me to surrender myself to surgery by choice. On top of it all, I was having actual contractions every 5 min apart right up to the CS and had been for hours. ...
Please send your prayers, love, vibes, etc. to Georgia tomorrow. I am going in at 7:30 to begin the CS windup. If we're lucky and the hospital's not too busy we'll have twins by lunch! I'll update when I can. Please also pray for my sanity. I am NOT looking forward to a CS and am getting a bit terrified. Thanks!
Lol. I'm chuckling to myself because when I saw the title I thought you were talking about a personal problem... like a wedding.
Oh my goodness what a story!!! And what a lame cop! I do hope you write a letter... they delay by the cop could have caused serious complication for your dear sweet babe! Please keep us psoted on how he is doing...
What a wonderful virth story Candice! I hoipe you are basking in baby afterglow!!!
Awesome news, mama! Welcome Natalie Anne!!!!
Awsome!!! Welcome Bodhi!
Snoring here too... And yes, it *IS* payback to dh who snored for years before getting on a CPAP for apnea. FWIW, if you have apnea all of a sudden because you're now snoring, etc. you would know because you'd be absolutely dragging tired. Snoring doesn't cause apnea, it can just help you identify it because the snoring gets interrupted by the lapse in breathing. I wouldn't worry too much about apnea unless you htink its possible you have it independent of this...
What beautiful pics! I especially like the family shots. And what a beautiful belly! How in the world did you manage to come through several kids and this pregnancy without a mark? mine looks like a topographical map... lol.
Quote: Originally Posted by avasmomleigh Did the US tech (or anyone) re-figure the fluid numbers for the boys?? How did that turn out? The tech refused to refigure the number since the *computer* did it for her it couldn't possible be incorrect. The only reason I didn't fight her tooht and nail on it was because I can tell by how I'm feeling that the fluid is not hugely out of whack and I am scheduled for another BPP and NST on Thursday.
New Posts  All Forums: