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My least painful tat is on the outside of my right calf. My most painful is my back piece. I have one on the back of my neck, my right and left shoulders (on the arms) and my left for arm. The underside of my upper arm was very painful as well so it's not always true that more meat means less pain but it does work for most areas of the body.
I totally understand. In the last 3 weeks our dryer belt broke (not really a big deal with nice weather). Then the cars brakes died for the 3rd time. DH had 10 days to get the truck fixed up, E-tested and safetied. By that time we had enough to pay for the safety and the new license tags if it passed. It didn't. Another day off work to take it in and get it passed. During all of that our water heater is leaking on the floor. I bit the bullet and called my dad and he...
Can you drive her in there yourself??
Great idea! I'm a 31 yr old mother of 2. I live in Ontario Canada with my DH of 4 years.Our DD will be 3 in June and our DS is just barely 6 weeks old. I'm into tattoos, baking, cooking and canning. I love to read anything but my favorite genres are suspense, horror and thrillers. I also crochet when I have time and there is no soon-to-be 3 yr old "trying" to help me, LOL. I am also looking into starting belly dancing or pole dancing classes to lose some baby...
Thank you mamas! The validation makes me feel better.
My DS was born on March 18th after 2 hours of labour. Kinda quick, I know. There is one small part that I am still trying to process. It's not a huge deal to anyone but myself and sometimes I even think there is no reason to bother thinking about it. My midwife broke my water after I had been leaking for 24 hours. (That doesn't bother me) I went straight into transition and the car ride from my friends house to her sons home was a really fun ride. (I couldn't birth...
Thank you!
There is a small part of the birth of my son that I am trying to process. I'm not sure where to post it though. It could go in home birth but it's not really related to the fact that I had a home birth. It could go in birth stories but it's only related to one small part. I don't feel it's enough to put into birth trauma, I would feel like I was minimizing others experiences. It's a very small thing but I just would like some feedback about it. Where should I post...
I just cut strips of flannel shee and folded them so they fit in my bra. I can't sew so that's all I could do. They served the purpose, LOL
Ah-Kee is my DDs word for Dora and elephant.
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