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Yes those do help, thank you
Right now pregnancy. She is 8 weeks today.
Hi mamas, A friend of mine just told me that his wifes OB recommended "What to expect ..". I know there are better books but not sure what they would be. Can you help me out?? TIA
I haven't had an experience with them yet but I chose CBI as well. I will be starting my course early next month when I've got the money to pay the first payment. Good Luck!!! Oh in case you weren't aware there is a yahoo group for CBI students http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/cbistudents/
Well, right now I'm only 33+4. My next appt is with the back up midwife so maybe with a different set of hands and ideas she'll be able to tell. I am pretty sure baby is head down and has been for a while, it's really hard to walk right now, LOL.
At my last midwife appt (Tues) my midwife said she was 99% sure that baby is head down but she would like me to have a u/s at 36 weeks to be sure. She said she doesn't want a surprise at the birth. Now my question is, don't some babies change position even during labour?? What good will a u/s really do? I don't really want to do another u/s because I don't think it's necessary, am I right?? Thanks
Same here. DH was in and out of the pool with me every time and wore just his swin trunks. He will probably do the same this time too.
I have great news!!! The place that I rented the birthing tub from called this morning. The people who had rented the tub for mid march cancelled yesterday!!! I get the tub and I don't have to repay the deposit!!! I guess I was just meant to have it. Now, I can relax and enjoy the rest of this pregnancy!!!!
Ok this might be kinda rambling so bare with me. My first choice of place to birth baby was my best friends house. I am unable to have the baby at home since I am too far from the hospital so this was a doable compromise. Then I am informed that her DH will not let me have the birthing tub. I want the birthingtub!!! So we make plans to have the babe at my best friends son's house so I can have the tub (I know, I know ... stay with me, LOL) Well, I decide that since...
Well I guess the monitrice idea is out then, LOL. I think I have decided to start as a PP Doula. It fits better with my life as it is right now. The transportation would be fixed in a few months since we are planning on getting a second car. I will look into Doula CARE, thank you!! You ladies are wonderful. Thank you for all your advice and answers!!
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