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I just found out there is something called a monitrice. I found the course on the BAI website. Does anyone have any more information than what is there? It doesn't seem to be a well known career choice.
Hello all, I'm sorry if these questions have been answered before but I haven't found them and I'm a bit overwhelmed and not sure where to start. I have looked at the stickies above and browsed the DONA and CBI websites. Are there other doula programs out there or do all those listed in the CBE list applicable to that? (Did that even make sense, sorry I have a bit of a headache) I want to look into training as either (or all) a birth doula, post partum doula or...
Ok I feel better now, thanks!! Our preferred spelling is Jolee mainly because we don't want ppl thinking we named her after Angelina, LOL. Ya, if we have a girl she will be Jolee Paige and a boy will be Devon Jeriel. Can't wait to see who arrives,
Hello everyone, I'm a bit of a lurker here but my EDD is March 15th so I kinda belong, LOL. I have a question about the name we have chosen for a girl. It's a how would you pronounce these two names?? Jolee Jolie I'm trying to decide on what spelling would need the least pronunciation correction. Thanks for the help!!
My town has flouride in the water and I thought Ontario always had too.
Don't feel guilty. I'm only a bit further along than you are and about a month ago hubby bought me a bottle of Arbor Mist as a treat. I had half a glass a night until it was gone. I think both of us and our babies will be just fine.
I'm an I (if you can believe that, LOL) and I NEVER wear a bra at home. I hate them because they are SO not comfortable. I only ever wear one when I go out in public like you do. To be honest, I don't care what they look like anymore, LOL. It's just not that important to me.
Mine came back almost a year to the day that DD was born, LOL. Figured I was safe to go camping .... guess not, LMAO
I'd have them. Those are really neat!!
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