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Look at those eyes!!! She's so cute. I wish my camera was in reach when Im feeding Laina, LOL. She grins at me all the time Misha
*Waves to WombatClay* Yes, I remember you from over there. I took a peek at your pics from you siggy. Your littles are SO ADORABLE!! M
Hello Mamas, This is my first time posting to this thread. My LO, Laina, was born 4:28 am, June 2. I had an at home, unmedicated water birth. She weighed 7lbs 11oz and measured at 19". I was in labour for 11 1/2 hours. Its just been this week that I have actually gotten out some toys for her. She's been smiling and sticking her tongue out at us (which we encourage due to a tongue tie) so I figured some toys to look at would be a good idea. Go ME!!! She will "talk"...
Hello Mamas, I am hoping that I will finally be able to keep up with this thread. I keep seeing it and wishing I could, well darn it, now Im just gonna, LOL I am a 28 yo married mother of one living in London Ontario. My husband, Hawks, follows a Native American path but does accompany me to group Pagan events all the time. My DD is 2 months old and I am hoping to raise her on a Pagan/NA path. Right now we are house hunting. We put an offer on a great place last...
Laina is known as SweetPea, Punkin, Baby, Tomato Head (she gets really red when shes mad, LOL) and Baby Bunny (DH and I call eachother Bunny so it works) Misha
nak, its true. they do a sort of whistle instead misha
Yup, she's at Shetland Sheepdob for sure. Just by your description. A Collie of the same age would stand quite a bit taller. I have noticed that the shelter near me never knows what breeds they have. How can they really??? I mean unless you have the papers for each one it can be hard. Yes, Collies and Shetland Sheepdogs ( ) are both very friendly, sociable and trainable dogs. My moms dogs would bark at ANYTHING!!!! Of course, each dog has a different personality,...
New Posts  All Forums: