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My DD is 2 and we have been having a problem with pooping. She will poop but it is after grabbing herself and crying. Her poops are not hard as if she were constipated but there is sometimes a fair bit of blood. Any ideas??? I'm not sure what to think since I have the same problem. ETA: I realize this should maybe be put into the Health forum. If so, please feel free to move it.
They make me cry, they make me sick, they make me wish I was born into a family that cared about me, that was proud of me ... These are the exact reasons I cut my entire family out of my life. It's not selfish, it's self preservation in my eyes.
I just wanted to share. Since starting our adventure in potty learning we have let DD got bottomless and just wear a shirt. It's been easiest for her that way. We had the potty in the living room and she would use it as she needed. Once she got consistent we moved the potty to the bathroom and have only had one accident. She's been doing great!!! Well, our next challenge was getting her to wear pants and not pee in them. We tried about a month ago with...
Since I've only spoken to my family once since July (when I called to tell them I was pregnant) we have pretty much given up on them totally. We will be visiting friends for Yule and my bro and sil (who have a new baby) just after Xmas. My parents and IL have basically forteited their right to see the kids because they NEVER contact us AT ALL. Should be a nice holiday this year.
There is the same sign in the pizza place in my town, LOL. I want to get a copy to post on my front door, LMAO
OMG, I am so happy that your little wasn't hurt that way. I am actually in tears, I am so happy. I am also so so so sorry that you were put thru that hell by that nasty person. Many blessings on you and your DD.
Quote: Originally Posted by sparklett THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS!!!! This really helps to quell some of my fears. And your baby is darling! You're welcome. I'm glad you feel a bit better. And I'll tell you said that ... then again maybe I wont, she already knows she's a cutie and uses that against me, LMAO.
Mama it is NOT your fault at all. My daughter just had dental surgery on the 25th of Sept. Four molars now have silver caps and her four front teeth have caps as well. Nursing was also blamed and I just flat out told them that they were wrong. I felt like such a bad mama but I know that my DDs soft teeth are genetic and there was nothing we could do about it. The Childrens Hospital here in London On was fantastic. They even let Daddy go with her until she was under so...
One way we reuse bath water is to flush the toilet. We leave the water in the tub and use a bucket to pour it into the toilet to flush and refill it. The water stays in the tub until the next person needs a shower and then we drain it, clean it and leave that shower water in the tub to flush with. We have saved 10 - 20 dollars on our water bill doing this. I don't think we would use it to bath in again though because I've seen the gunk on the bottom of the tub after...
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