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These are both from my Grandmother on my Dads side. Don't drink you milk fast because it will form a ball in your belly and you will get sick. During your period you should not put your hands in cold water. (Not sure why, just that her mother - a nurse - told her that)
Thank you for the info! ETA: I found this link and thought it may be very helpful. I hope it's ok to post it here. http://foodblogalliance.com/2009/04/...ttribution.php
Hello all, I only have 2 questions to start off with and I hope you can help me. First off, the only blog sites I know of are BlogHer and a Google one. What are some others so that I can take a browse thru them before I decide on one? My next question is: I want to do a food blog but I don't know if I can use recipes from books I have. Is it ok to share those as long as I give full credit to the author?? Or am I better of not doing that at all? I don't want to...
My DD is also 2.5ish and she runs around in nothing but a tshirt all day every day. We have tried putting just shorts on her to at least get her used to pulling them down to potty. She did it once but then wouldn't put the shorts back on, LOL. I don't worry to much about her but if I find her feet are getting chilly I will put slippers on her for a bit and that seems to help. It doesn't hurt that she's a little furnace like her daddy too.
I am going from full to nauseatingly famished in about 0.3 seconds! It's driving me nuts because it's happening almost every hour to hour and a half. I'm gonna eat us out of house and home if this keeps up.
I just have a quick question. I am only just starting to think about dreads. I was wondering if it would be better to wait until after the baby is born. Im due in March. I ask because after my first daughter my hair fell out in horrid amounts for about 4 months. Would that be a hugely bad thing?
Yes, I was teased in grade one and it never ended. I hope that isn't the case for your DC
My daughter is also 28 mths and has just started with the whole being shy thing. She even shys from her reflection in the mirror now too. I don't think it's a big thing to worry about tho since she acts like herself any other time. It might even be a normal part of being 2.
I think it's because my cycle was messed up by a chemical pregnancy in May but I can't be sure. My midwife isn't arguing with me about it. She's actually listening to me on that one. This is more for myself so that I know. I am planning on a U/S in late Oct but it's mainly for us to see the baby and get pictures. My midwife said that they can check the size and calculate my weeks but since its 1 to 2 weeks off anyway it may not be of any help. Maybe I'll take a copy...
Hello all, I have a question about my EDD. My midwife is going my my LMP which was June 9th but I didn't conceive until the end of June. So is she adding those weeks that I wasn't pregnant?? She has my EDD as March 15th. If I go by my chart I get an EDD of late March, somewhere around the 28th. My temps didn't start to rise until June 30th and I tested pos. on the 10th of July. I guess I just don't understand why they would count those three weeks as me being...
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