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Im having horrible constipation. I haven't been able to go normally since the beginning of this preg. I'm in hell right now!!!
I usually have a hard time going but when Im pregnant it gets SO MUCH WORSE!!!! I'm talking a week to a week and a half between bms. I usually end up having major cramping and diarrhea in the end. I am drinking lots of water since I'm off my coffee and soda due to this pregnancy. I'm not eating any differently than usual. Is there anything I can take that is gentle enough to us regularly or is there anything I can try to make this easier? Please help!! This is hell!!!
Totally normal. My 2 year old still doesn't STTN. Number 1. I have no advice there Number 2. Again, normal. He's still very little. Number 3. He'll only eat as much as he needs at the time and no more Number 4. He wakes up because he is hungry Number 5. Pacifiers do nothing for a hungry babe Number 6. Can't help you with that one, sorry I know that none of this is really what you wanted to hear but 8 month old babies are pretty much unable to STTN. I wish...
Thanks, that one is more user friendly!
She will be getting anesthesia and it is going to be at the Childrens Hospital. All this info is good. Thank you!!
Thank you I was worried that there will be something on the form from the hospital about vaxs
My daughter needs dental surgery and before hand needs to get a physical from our Dr. She's never been to see him and is not vaxed. If he is a pro vax Dr can he make it so that she can't get the surgery she needs???
Thanks for that but I don't think that's quite what I'm looking for. I want to find the kind of info American moms get from the AAP only pertinent to Canada????
Is there a Canadian equivalent???
Quote: Originally Posted by Rachhcar Would you all then believe that babies are traumatized by birth, as well? That's a pretty huge traumatic event. Every one of them comes out screaming and crying! My daughter didn't make a sound when she was born. She just, kinda looked at us, LOL
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