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Alcohol. I would love a good margarita right now... Would you rather be guaranteed to be the weight you are now (well, pre-pregnancy) forever, never thinner but never fatter either OR to be able to change for better or worse? Hope that made sense.
Never tried it. Too chicken to try eating one by itself. Coconut.
Depends on the distance. Anything over 10 hours in the car and I think I'd prefer to fly. Fudge- nuts or no nuts?
Yum! Grape juice.
I did and she's very willing. We may or may not call her, it just depends on how things go. After asking her I wondered to myself why I hadn't had her there before. But then realized when I had my oldest she was barely 18, had just turned 20 when I had my second and was dating her dh and had just moved 45 minutes away. With my third, I was in the hospital. She is now 26. I'm not sure if having her at he birth would inspire her to have kids of her own or scare her off....
Depends. Raw milk? Love it. Pasteurized milk? Hate it. Goat milk.
Home birth. Would you rather read a book or catch up on your mothering.com forum subscriptions?
Never tried it? I like quinoa, but never had it with veggies cooked in. Plain yogurt
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