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DAVID MOHLER (503) 250-2799. He is wonderful. On SE Division last I knew.
Snowflower and the Secret Fan. I loved that book.
I love Patrica Murphy and last I saw she is just off of SE Hawthorne. She is an ND and Acupuncturist.
Marilyn Milestone is a LC now. She'd be my first choice!
I think that you need to realize that what written here is not necessarily true. This blogger has a lot to say about midwives due to her bad experience, but it is far from the experience of most midwives clients. I also want to point out that she wrote a blog entry about a family's twin/breech birth and when the family commented about their actual experience and feelings they were pretty much insulted then all the comments were taken down. I truly don't think this...
She was my midwife. Love her. She is an experienced and skilled midwife.
Silverlace: I appreciated your post as a future CPM. I don't think the CNM title means more experience or better training.   This issue is so complicated and emotional for so many people. Honestly this whole thread is breaking my heart.   I am having a hard time with this discussion. It seems like many posts are being taken as an insult or personally because of the sensitivity of the subject. If I were to speak my mind I don't think my words would be heard here....
Yes, Heather was one of my midwives 4 years ago and was great! She was very clam and supportive. She is in SE PDX but will travel no prob.
Try Cynthia Luxford of Home Sweet Homebirth. She is near Newport.   www.homesweethomebirth.com
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