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I love Liz O'Shea. She's a CPM, but I understand she's currently partnering w/ a CNM & would come to Frederick. Had a great experience w/ her.
Ok, maybe I'm too late to this thread, but DH and I really liked Susan Gunn with Bradley--took her class prior to DD1. She is a home birther herself, and we were really well prepared. In fact, DH ended up catching our DD2 when the MW didn't arrive in time and he was great!
Had my first at home w/ Alice (5 yrs ago) when I lived in DC. Awesome experience. Highly recommend.
Thank you so much! I have stopped the tummy belt the past few days & already feel better. Will dig out my Mummy Tummy book (we moved a few weeks ago so--bec. of the baby--many things are still in boxes...).   Good point about the Ergo. I wore DD2 in the Ergo all the time, and I'm sure that made things worse for me last time around. I'm gonna have to just find alternatives whenever possible with DS.   So glad to know I'm not alone!
Just wanted to chime in and say how much I'm appreciating this info., too. I had cystocele/rectocele issues after my second birth, and it contributed mightily to the depression I suffered then. Everything I read was so dire. I am a distance runner and thought I could never run again. I thought sex would hurt forever. I thought surgery would be the only help and then there would be the terrible side-effects of surgery. After time, kegels, losing weight, getting more...
We moved 2 weeks before my EDD with DD1 (she was 12 days late, so we were in the apartment ~3 weeks prior to the actual birth) and 2 weeks before my EDD with DS (born last week, 5 days "late"). Both were born at home (although we were planning a birth center birth for the first because I thought, oh, how can we move and then have a home birth right away?! It's a long story, but we ended up at home anyway--without all the supplies, etc., and everything was...
Hi LinzW--   Welcome to Frederick! You're right on the legal status of home birth here. I've had a home birth with a CNM and one with a CPM in MD. :)   Was attended by L last week & had a wonderful experience. Hope she works out for you!
My first was persistent OP. She came later & labor was long--but I had her @ home 12 days past my EDD. I had a couple sweeps & also did the fun natural inductio things (like sex w/ nipple stim.) You can do it!
Wright was born in the caul at home. I labored through the night (with a full moon!) & he was born at dawn--just as I'd pictured this birth! He was around 8 1/2 lbs, 21 in., 14 in. head. He is very clean and small (I'm used to 9+ pounders!) and lovely.   Big sister Calla wouldn't leave our side through most of labor, coming into the room to sleep nearby during the quieter parts and waking for pushing. She greeted Wright with shouts of "The baby came out!" and joined...
Just wanted to update. DH and I talked further, and he said he would feel completely fine having the saint name of my choice be baby's middle name and would let go of having his grandfather's name in there at all, but that he really wanted to like the first name as a name. I felt that I really wanted to choose a saint for the saint & not because he had a name I could convince DH to like.   I talked to my priest again, who said that he thought it was perfectly...
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