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I have almost made it through one of the 4 places where we are storing all of our belongings since the evacuation.  I feel pretty good about getting rid of 1/4 of the items in the one storage space.  Now I just need to go through the other 3 and get rid of that much.  Would feel pretty good to move back in with 1/4 less stuff!  
Capturing Life Images Life Photography Northern Lights Photography Your Nicknames; __________&___________ Images or Photography About You Photography Life Images Jos And Mac Photography (or some other form of your kids name)   That is all I can think of off the top of my head.  
I am in the position of a forced decluttering.  We (as well as 10,000 other people) were evacuated from our homes due to flooding.  We had to move everything from our 3200 square foot house out in a matter of 7 hours.  It was a mass effort to get everything out and all of our stuff is scattered in other people's garages and in my in laws basement.  What a mess!  I don't want to bring nearly as much back into the house when we can move back so it is time to rid myself of...
With all the flooding/evacuations/etc. in Minot in the last week and a half, I think we will postpone getting together until it dries up a bit.  Maybe we can start in July.
Oh good!  I am glad you are liking the wall color.  It is amazing what the right color combinations together can do to a space!  
I am right here with you.  We have been experiencing flooding in our town and we have had water in our basement since April 22.  We didn't have sump pumps because there haven't been water issues previously.  My DH has had to dig 2 sump pump holes to try to eliminate some of the water in the basement.  We have about an inch of standing water in most of the basement and more in other areas.  I have been dreaming of things to do once the water is gone.    Could you find...
June 9th works for me.  Luke has VBS until 12, but that's okay if he is not there too.  What time should we plan for?  Should we say Roosevelt Park across the bridge by the nice play structure or would Oak Park be better?  It is a little easier to keep an eye on kids at Roosevelt.
Okay, summer is here (sort of!).  What days/times work for everyone to meet up?  We should start with a daytime playgroup get together at one of the parks and go from there.
I think I would do something in the light aqua range.  That yellow you linked is very vibrant and not very calming for a bedroom.  I love the master bedroom from the younghouselove blog. This is a picture of it.
My son has been GF for over a year and a half.  This time has been a time of trial and error for us as we find products and recipes that taste good and are healthy.  I decided that I would start a blog for people on gluten free diets as a way to reduce the stress and uncertainty when starting on a gluten free diet.  Thought I would share the site on here in case any one was looking for gluten free info.  Mothering has been so helpful to me through the years and I would...
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