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Because orange is opposite the color wheel from blue, a coral color would be really pretty with the navy and white bedspread.  Like this:
You really need to be able to afford the house on your own and look at the rent from the relative as added money to put toward the mortgage.  If you can't afford the house on your own, you are going to be in a hurt bag if the relative passes away or needs extra care that you can't provide and needs to be in a nursing home.  Are there houses in your area that you can afford with the set up you need for the relative?  
Yes, let's get this going!  My schedule is slowing down a bit as well and with summer coming, I should be pretty open.  As far as getting together for a play group, what time of day works best for everyone?   I love the idea of a Facebook page.  Let's get a general idea of what we are thinking and then I will make a page.
You can save a ton of money making your own cleaners that are much more "green" than Melaleuca.  Their products smell so strong especially the bathroom cleaner.  I felt like I needed a gas mask when I cleaned my bathroom.  I don't think their products are very "green" at all. 
I would personally offer to send replacements for the ones that have holes in them and also send a little washing instructions sheet with them.  You want to maintain a good sellers status on etsy so this would be the best way to keep the customer happy.  It could have just been those particular ones you made or it could be something she did herself, but pleasing the customer is important either way.  Hopefully with those washing instructions, she will see that she was...
Thanks so much for the ideas. The Yorktown sounds great!  My son will love that as well.  I just can't wait to see all the historic homes!!  Pier Park sounds perfect as well.  We are coming from North Dakota where we have had snow for 6 months and I just can't wait to get away to some warm weather.    Thanks also for the restaurant suggestions.  I will keep those places in mind.  It is so hard to go out to eat when there are food allergies, but it seems to always...
Nice work Beppie!!!!     
We are going to be in Charleston for 3 days and want to take in the best sites.  What do you all recommend for someone who has never been there?  We have a 9 year old son who loves history and my DH is an architect and we both love historic places.  My dad and his wife will be meeting us in Charleston for the 3 days.  My dad lives near Anderson, SC and will be spending 5 days there as well.    Oh, also, where do you recommend eating?  We will be staying near Patriots...
I took that quiz and several of my top spots were in North Carolina.  I would love to live in North Carolina, but because of the solid economy in North Dakota right now, we will be staying here.  My DH has an awesome job with a great company here, but when he retires (in 30 years!), we will move someplace warm.  For now, we will stay in good old North Dakota!!!  It really is a great place to raise a family and all of our family is here, but I do dream of living some...
I bought an electric mini donut maker at the thrifty store yesterday for $7.50.  Brand new in box with instructions!  I was able to make gluten free donuts for my DS last night and they were so good!  Considering that 6 frozen gluten free donuts are over $6.00, I will be able to make A LOT of donuts for next to nothing!!!
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