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MiniMum, it looks like you are doing a great job keeping your small space organized and homey!  I think it looks awesome!!!!  I your green settee!
So glad that my picture wall inspired you!  I love being able to look at that wall and think about all of my family.  It makes me feel so loved!!   Yes, we have lots and lots and lots of snow.  It started in October and we just had another big storm last week.  Can't wait for it to melt and for some spring/summer weather!  This is a closer view of my yard.  This is the front yard.   And this is the backyard:
This is completely unrealistic unless you are planning to never sleep, which is not an option.  If you figure out your day by hours, you have:   -8 hours of work -9 hours sleep -30 mins exercise -1 to 2 hours scratch cooking -1 to 2 hours cleaning =19.5-20.5 hours   This leaves you 3.5-4.5 hours in your day to homeschool, spend time with your spouse, do laundry, yard work, grocery shopping, and get anything else done you need to get done that day.  ...
MDC made me learn to question a doctor's diagnosis and realize that some times I know my body and my child's body better than the doctor. 
I feel that way too some times as I am 30+ and just now working towards finishing college.  I am not single, but I know what you are feeling as I had my son young and college just didn't work at that point.  I try to always remember that it doesn't matter what age I am.  If I am working towards a goal and bettering myself, I doesn't matter what other people think at all.  And by the way, way to go on going back to college!  You should be proud of yourself and hold your...
I was thinking the same thing.  Seems a little strange that you are on the same page about so much and seem to get a long really well.  I am guessing there are other reasons that you didn't say, which is totally fine.   I would find it hard to be okay with living under the same roof and essentially having the same situation except that he is living in the basement instead of sharing your bedroom.  It would be hard to switch gears from being married and then not while...
We were both 23.  DH has just finished college and we decided it would be a great investment to buy.  We lived in the house for 5 years and sold it for double what we bought it for to begin with (after lots of blood, sweat, and tears). We were 28 when we bought our current home. 
I bought this hideously ugly table at a thrift store last week for $6.75...   And turned it into this with some paint and glaze that I already had at my house:  
I have a lot as well.    I will go through stages where I am absolutely repulsed by most foods.  Some times it will last for weeks where I get grossed out by most every type of food (but usually not sweets) and then suddenly the feeling goes away and I can eat normally again.  When I am in that stage meats especially gross me out.    The feel of cotton balls makes me want to climb a wall.  I can't stand them!   I love to clean out my son's ears.  He hates it,...
I am going to say 26.
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