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I just started a thrifty blog and it made me wonder which blogs you all go to for inspiration on being thrifty.  Give me your best frugal blogs!   Oh and if you want to see mine it is here  
I like the picture that Buzzer Beater posted!  Super cute!  The hair color in the picture is really pretty too!  It is a little warmer than your natural and has highlights.  Would make your blue eyes pop!!
I think the 3 in one room and the baby with you upstairs for one more year is a great idea.  After that, you DD will be older and probably not as nervous.  It won't be such a new house to her and she will be more comfortable.  After a year the boys will want their own space and the older boy will be happy to have his sister in a different room.  A play room on the main floor is always a nice thing and you could have it set up like that for a year.  Then you can...
That's awesome!  I am glad you were able to make a decision on the price!  Thanks for the link.  I will go check it out.  Best of luck to you on the sale of your book!!
Glad you are keeping it.  My SIL's sister recently dropped to a catastrophic coverage plan and just found out that she has a rare illness that is going to require a lot of treatments and a high cost.  They are going to be paying out the nose even with the catastrophic coverage.  Can't imagine the bills if they had no insurance at all.
How about meeting in the middle with $13.95?  Many times markup on things is double so if you paid about $7 (with shipping), then $14 would be a good markup.  Since books are general not an even amount, then $13.95 would seem a good price for the item.    On a side note, can I ask what company you went through to self publish?
I love baking!  I love finding new recipes, trying new sweet treats, the smell of baked goods, etc.  As far as regular foods go, I really don't care that much.  I eat meals because I know I have to and because I know I can't eat sweets all the time.  Actually I really am trying to limit the amounts of sweets I eat, but I love everything about baked goods.  They are my comfort foods and I go to sweets when I am stressed in life. 
I like Making Green Affordable and Affordable Green Living the most.  Probably prefer Affordable Green Living so will vote for that one.  The reason for this is the fact that your name means green in swahili.  People are not automatically going to know that so I like that the word Green is in the tagline.  I also like that it is simple, to the point, and get the idea across immediately as to what you are all about.  The other one I like is Reuse Recycle Recreate.
I so wish we would have a snow day some day.  We have 30+ inches of snow on the ground and the temperature was -20 last night, but have not had a single snow day this year.  Even when we get 10 inches of snow overnight, we don't have snow days.  But I guess we drive on snow from October-April every year so we are used to it.  They were expecting -50 degrees with the wind chill last night.  No one should have to go out in that, but nothing was cancelled and we all drove...
Hugs to you!  It stinks that you are in this position, but you will prevail.   Take care of yourself and your kids, work on sending out tons of resumes to every place you can think, and try to remember that this is a season and you are progressing to better things.  It will get better.  You will find a job, your kids will not always be sick...this too shall pass.  It sounds like you have weathered a great deals of storms already and you can make it through this one as...
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