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My only concern with doing the 2 colors on the walls is that sometimes when you paint 3/4 of the way up the wall and then use a different color, the room can look shorter.  If it is a small kitchen or the ceilings are not very tall, it could make the space seems really small.  I think the color combination of red and green is nice especially if you add some mustard yellow. 
If the situation is causing unnecessary stress in your life, let her go.  If you think you can work out arrangements with her by have a discussion with her, do that.  If you are going to keep her, switch her to hourly and reduce her number of hours.  Tell her that if she is scheduled to work from 8-5 that she needs to be there from 8-5 unless it is arranged with you in advanced.  If she needs to get her kids to appointments, maybe start having her work from 8-3.  I would...
I have them and the pain is bad.  I am to the point of having a breast reduction because mine are very large, but also very sagging because they are so fiberous.  I go to the surgeon on Jan 5 to discuss my options.  I never thought I would consider reduction, but with the pain of having to use a very supportive bra to hold them up, I can't handle the back pain.   They are also very sore during my period.  They have been like that for a long time.  Not sure if this...
I think a cut like this would look really cute on you.  It would be easy to you. Just dry and flat iron with a little bit of product.  .
It looks awesome!  Way to go!!!!
I think I would choose the extended stay hotel.  No deposit, no moving any furniture in, you can move out at any time when your house is ready.  I am assuming since it is extended stay that there is a kitchen area.  If so, you would have all that available to you so you would literally only need to bring your clothes and personal items that you want there.  Everything else could go in PODS.  For me, this option would be the least stress. 
Here is mine.  A friend of mine took family pics for us, which was really exciting since we haven't had any taken for a LONG time!
Now that I am drooling from reading about the treats you are all making...YUM!   We usually stick to a few items: Peanut Blossoms Fudge Krumkake Lefse Sandbakkels Chow Mein Noodle Cookies Pretzels with a Rolo or a Hershey Kiss softened on top   I am going to try my hand at a batch of gluten free krumkake today.  DS has been GF since last February so I have never attempted any of these treats GF.  Should be intersting!!
Thanks for the suggestions.  I am going to try the yeast cleanse first and then work on going GF and DF.  Hopefully these things will help me.  I am sick of feeling so icky!
What about fabrics like this? Either one on the link would look nice with white and with the autumn colors in your living room. 
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