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Do you have an bald patches or it is thinning all over?
I hope the teap tree is working for you. I am glad that it looked better today. I swear tea tree is the most remarkable stuff ever!!!!! Keep us posted on how it turns out.
That is a tough one. I understand your feelings as my mom is a teacher and she has had lots of really tough years with a lot of tears. Unfortunately, I think kids are just getting more and more disrespectful every year. Is there a way to seperate the horrible kids into different classes or is it not because they are together? I guess I would say that you need to talk to the prinicipal and see what can be done with the students. There is no reason that you should...
I don't know if this is the same thing or not, but a little girl I used to babysit would pull out her hair all the time too. She would even go so far as to eat it. Make sure your daughter doesn't start doing that. If she does, take her to a naturopath. It can be a sign of protein deficiency. It may just be a habit that she started, but keep an eye on her.
Tea Tree Oil. It is great for boils. I know a little boy who was going to have to have surgery for a boil on his head. His mom used tea tree and it went away without surgery. You have to use full strength tea tree just on the boil several times a day.
Are you approved for more than the cost of the house? When we bought our house, we had no extra money so we offered more for the house than it was selling for and asked the seller to pay all closing costs. Essentially they got the amount they wanted for the house and we got the house without any money from our pocket. It worked out well because the house was worth more than the selling price. Your appraisal has to come in for more than the amount that you offer (the...
I don't think I would let one day be the deciding factor. Give it a few days and see how it all works out. It takes kids time to adjust to something new and since you are apprehensive about it, she is probably sensing that. I am not saying that you should absolutely keep her in the school, but I think a couple of days is necessary to make a decision. If after that it is not working, by all means, take her out.
My son was the same way. I felt like I was force feeding him most of the time. It was a big battle that I couldn't win. One day out of the blue though, he decided he wanted to eat. He has been doing pretty well ever since. His ped told me that kids between 3 1/2 to 5 don't always grow that much so their need for food is less. I think if you just wait it out, she will eat. I think my best advice is to just let her take the lead on eating. You don't want it to...
You can get sash replacement kits that allow you to just replace the glass part of the window and use the existing frame. They are relatively inexpensive and can get them in any size. You don't have to have much skill to install them.
Buy the Miserly Moms book. You can get it on half.com for next to nothing. It has been such a good reference for me. It has a "recipe" for making wipes. I second the store brand dipes. They work just fine. You don't need every baby items that comes out. It seems like such a convenience, but it adds tons of clutter. Garage sale now if you can. You can get great deals on high chair, stroller, pack n play, swing, etc.
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