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Please update when group starts. Thanks.
Hi, Is this the only forum for parents of only children? I wish they would have a separate thing for it so you could post with different topics.    It sounds like everyone here on this thread is very happy to be the parent of an only, which is great, and I've loved reading the different perspectives.   I, however, feel a huge amount of guilt and sorrow about the situation. We have only 4 relatives in this country almost 200 miles away, we go to school about half...
I have two friends with boys named Aadi. Easy to pronounce for Americans, easier than some others mentioned. Maya
Post it in Co-abode.com/org and see what responses you get.
What about an intentional community that shares resources? There are often cottage industries or farms on site. Everyone contributes work, but it's usually the type of work that children can be involved in or around and benefit from, since it's physical. See ic.org for directory and listing of types. There must be many out west. Have you read the Continuum Concept?   I am in a similar situation and scoping things out. Another possibility is running a website or two....
Just to throw in my two cents to this wonderful conversation...   Race is a social construct. There's no scientific definition for it and no genetic difference between races. My husband is African and I'm first generation Italian American. My child is not a "mixed" anything, and to me it sounds like a term applied to dogs. I hate it. I think we in the forefront of cultural intersections have to reframe people's questions and wake people up a little bit about this...
If you share with another mom, maybe you could afford more space. Check out coabode.com.  
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