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Shoot. Auto-link added the period onto it. Fixing now...
I teach in the public K-8 school that my daughter is in for K this year. The length of specials varies slightly by grade (they get longer as kids get into middle school grades), but they are 30-50 minutes long. We have:   Art 2 times a week (3 when the 4/5 class is doing pottery) Music 2 times a week (3 for middle school) PE 2 times a week French 3 times a week Guidance 1 time a week (they call it "Drama" in K/1 since it's all about role-play) Library 1...
Can you please go here and "Like" this video? http://tinyurl.com/legojoust . The kids that made it are SO PROUD of their work and they are desperately hoping to make it to the top 20. Voting closes on Wednesday! You can vote once a day (on each computer you have access to!).   Thanks! You must be a pretty lovely person, aren't you? 
I think everyone here knows the importance of the appropriate seat at any age, myself included. I'm not shopping for a seat; we already have a good, safe set-up for my kid in our vehicles. This is more of a theoretical question, I guess. Maybe I'll try car-seat.org--they might be able to answer my question.
I understand that, but what exactly is different about one that is rated 40 lbs and one that is rated 30 or 33? Two seats may look and function nearly identically, but be rated differently. How are these (30 pound) seats:   functionally different from these (40 pound) seats?   Isn't their purpose just to make the belt fit better? How do the first set of seats up there do a better job of that for a skinny 37 pound kid than the others?
What is the difference between a backless booster that's rated for 33+ pounds and one that is for 40+? Would the different seats perform any differently if a 37 pound (43", 5.5 yo) kid was in them?
I have a terrible weakness for Taco Bell. I love the bean burritos. I also really like the salad at Wendy's that comes with a cup of chili to dump on top.
Great! I had wondered about you recently, so thanks for updating us!
I used to teach in a suburb of Boston with students that spoke over 30 languages amongst them. It was very diverse--really and truly. Kids didn't bat an eye at each others' cultural differences, and I LOVED that about the school. Now I teach in Maine and this community is SO white it's a little unsettling, actually. The only diversity in this school is a result of international adoption. All of the parents are white. We try to teach the kids about different people and...
Don't any of your schools just provide those basics? In the public school I teach in we ask the kids to buy a few things, but mostly for their own personal organizational (folders, notebooks). The school (not the teacher!) buys all the paper, erasers, kleenex, cleaning wipes, glue, colored pencils, etc.   I'd also like to pipe in about salaries... I've been teaching 13 years and I'm still making around $36,000 (I think) if I was full time. I'm only a half-time...
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