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Wow, those Sally Mann photos are amazing!
My family and friends breastfed, so it just seemed normal. Plus a combination of poverty and laziness made me not want to ff.
Quote: Originally Posted by sweetpea333 DD wont go in a stroller, just in arms preferably daddy's (she's a little daddy's girl ) She's almost three - I think giving her a choice between the stroller or walking is perfectly reasonable.
What is it that really bothers you about the situation - is it trust issues about you DH being around naked women? Or that you feel he'll compare your body unfavourably against younger non-mothers? Something else?
Quote: Originally Posted by jillkuster Wow. Sounds to me like you're being manipulated. If it were me I'd be having an f'in breakdown. He's found a way to have his cake and eat it too. And he's calling it art. It's great that he's found his niche-HA. I'm so sorry you're going through this He's being a little dense/insensitive, but I don't get how you think the poster's DH is manipulating her?
No, it's not that bad - formula's not as good as breastmilk, but its good enough. I've given all my babies a bottle of formula before bed from when they were 4-6 months old, and it has seemed to help them sleep longer.
I am very into routine and schedules, but the baby's only 6wks old at the moment so still very erratic! I'll definitely be introducing regular sleep/eat times (approx 3 hour intervals) in the next couple of months. Does your babe nap at the same times each day? In the same place? She naps either in my arms/sling, on the bed with me or sometimes in her moses basket. I co-sleep with her, but I find it's important she learns very early how to fall asleep on her own so...
When they just cry and cry and cry... I've had some very bad thoughts : But it is harder with the first - you've never done it before, you worry about everything. By the time I got to the third I was much less neurotic, much less concerned about doing everything right and being perfect, I realised that sometimes just being 'good enough' really *is* good enough. I'm on baby number 4 now and barely register the crying (joking! But only just... )
Quote: Originally Posted by nznavo The whole AP vs Mainstream dichotomy drives me mental. Actually the AP label drives me pretty mental, especially when there are people here who seem to think it's a club whose membership comes with a checklist. Where I live (not in Nth America) most people sling their babies and are very physically attached. Most also do not breastfeed. Many use cloth diapers. Some spank. Who is AP? Same here! Slinging...
Quote: Originally Posted by scrapadoozer "No, Gammie and Gampa are not big drunks everyday" "Please do not talk to strangers about your butt"
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