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who is the author of Taking Control of Your Fertility???
I have a question that might seem dumb to some of you that are experts in this area but I don't get it. I have never had regular periods so how do I find out when I am ovulating?? I was trying to get pregnant last year for 2mo then find out I had to have surgery so I held off till Jan. and still no luck. I am 35 and do not want to have to wait for a year due to my age. Any suggestions??? I am planning to read the board as much as possible for more advice.
Hello everyone, I am new to this section of the message board. I have a question. I wanted to know if you all know wheather it is better to everyday on the week of ovulation or every other day. I heard it is better for the sperms to have time to build up so I should do it every other day????????????/
I had to have a c-section with my first and now we are trying for a second. I am hoping to have a VBAC but know here in San Diego it is pretty impossible to do it at a hospital without some perfessional support behind me. Now the question is what is the different between medwive and doula if you want to still have a hospital birth? I know that birthing centers do not do VBACs and I am not comfortable at all with doing it at my house. So what do you all thing out...
I am scared to death of the labor pains that will be coming with baby #2. I had a c-section with first one because I believe I took the drugs to soon and don't want to do with with next one. Anyone hear of hypnobirthing or experience it? Anyone know someone in San Diego that does it?
So has anyone experience hypnobirthing and if so how did it go. What extacly is hypnobirthing? Anyone know anyone in San Diego area that practices this? I am scared to death of Labour pains and want to know your stories.
Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone could help me with my question about being overweight and having a VBAC. With my first baby I did not go past 7cm and was told he would not drop pass -1. I was induced due to my water breaking and at the hospital was not allowed to move around when in labor due to being monitored. (I know much more now and wish I was more prepared) Well I had to have a c-section 28 hours after water breaking. When I asked my OB about a...
My 22 month old has only seen part of a Disney movie at grandpa's house and started to cry because of a scean that frieghtened him. If that is doing this to him now what will all the other movies do when he can not so freely express his emotions?/
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