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Do you have the book Your 2 year old by Ames and Ilg? They're pretty cheap second hand on Amazon.com. They have alot of age appropriate info and suggestions although not all of it is GD, so you'll have to sort that out. But overall its a really good investment IMO.
For things like hitting the cat or other people, you can say "We touch the kitty (person) gently! Like this!" and demonstrate using his hand to do it gently. At this age, they just think "NO" is a game. If he's running away when you call, then you're not close enough to him when you call. You have to be close enough to take hold of him as soon as you say "Come here ---" and lead him to you. At 14.5mo, most kids don't know what "come" means, some don't even get it at 2...
Well, I had my first appt with the midwife and really liked her. The hospital was great as well. One of the biggest things was that they actually included my other kiddos instead of being annoyed that they were there. Dd even told them *she* was going to come have her baby there someday- after she grew up and married her handsome prince- daddy. LOL I discussed it further with dh and he said it was whatever I wanted, he didn't care as long as it wasn't costing him alot of...
Quote: Originally Posted by ShadowFox I'm gonna have one happy baby.....
Technically, my youngest will be 29mo on this baby's due date. My first two are one day shy of 14mo apart and my second and third are 15.5mo apart so this will be the biggest spacing so far. And guess what? I'm nervous about having an almost 2.5yo and a newborn! 2.5 is a rougher time for kids and most books say not an ideal time to add a sib. We'll see. Dd was not quite 2.5 when ds2 was born.
I went in at 14 weeks and was measuring 18-19 weeks. I spaced out my appts so I'm not going back until almost 20 weeks so it'll be interesting to see if I am still measuring 4-5 weeks ahead then. We're doing an u/s next time to check for possible twins. But, even tho twins run in my family, I'm thinking it could just be that this is the 4th baby and my body just knows to start growing yk? Plus, my muscles are not tight anymore- just flabby.
Mine starts sharp and intense and then fades to an ache and an abdomen that is sore to the touch. I was a bit surprised that it started up so early.
Hugs! Hope things get better for you!
Quote: Originally Posted by billikengirl Heck I think I'd use the spray bottle on my husband first. He knows better, the cat doesn't. (and I am a cat hater ) LOL Me too! Squirt him with the spray bottle and tell him the cat is gone. Any cat that will injure my child has no place in my house.
LOL it is funny to read everyone's perceptions of boys versus girls. Personally, I wanted a boy with dd b/c dh was openly pro-boy. We almost didn't find out- I had all winnie the pooh themed things (What's wrong with pooh? lol) and when we found out it was a girl, dh was thrilled b/c somewhere along the line he'd changed his mind about wanting a boy. I was happy with a girl too, but it took some getting used to. Then, once I'd had dd, I wanted another girl. I was however,...
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