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I'm going to join this 2016 club, 7 pages into the thread My first was born at 39w 5d, my second at 40w 5d. Now here I am with #3 at 40w 5d, three episodes of false labour, and a posterior cervix that is still closed up tight. I've decided that I will remain pregnant until 41w 5d, making each pregnancy exactly one week longer than the one before it. The only problem is that 41w 5d happens to fall on DD's birthday, which would be horribly unfair, don't you...
I know someone who recently attended a birth in which the baby flipped to breech during labour! Still, I'd get a second opinion from one of the other midwives. If your babe is indeed breech, try http://www.spinningbabies.com and go for the version. You still have time
That has to be just about the most fantastic induction story I have ever read. Congratulations on your beautiful daughter!!
Yesterday and today I hauled my huge pregnant self out to the garden. Got the lettuce and the quinoa into the ground, plus TONS of weeding and got compost spread over several beds. Woo!
My first was born before his due date, the day before the full moon. My second was born after her due date, on the full moon. Maybe I'll end up with a third full moon baby........???
Your situation sounds just like mine! I'm due next week with our third child, and we're putting our house up for sale on May 1st. So, I'll be starting the growing season with a newborn, a 2-yr-old and a 3-yr-old, and wondering when & where we will move. My plan? I'm just going ahead with everything as though there's nothing out of the ordinary happening. I've had enough of putting my life on hold because of what *might* happen. I've already started six...
Aside from being tired due to horrible insomnia, I'm feeling pretty darned good. I had horrible back & hip pain for MONTHS and only in the last month or so have had it resolved through chiropractic & massage therapy. Since my adjustments & massages, I've felt like I'm walking on a cloud a lot of the time - should have done it a lot sooner!! I definitely feel much better at the end of this pregnancy than I did at the end of my other two.
Here's a quick how-to on building a dog waste composter: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8UlP_V_6O4 I'd make one myself, but we plan to move soon, so maybe at the new house.
I want to get into handwashing my clothes - haven't done it yet. This is what I was looking at buying, but I'm not sure if something like this is worth the money: http://www.laundry-alternative.com/p...onderwash.html
Here's my brand new blog -- http://farminginthecity.wordpress.com
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