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Thank you Kristine. I am thinking about doing watermark and no right click now. I know nothing is 100% foolproof to those who are savvy and really want something, but just to provide some protection, yk? Thanks again for your reply.
I am putting together a website for parents in law, and she is a photographer. I am putting her images on the website. We are hoping to find a free program, or some html/ script that I can put on the site that makes it so people cant right click on the image, or open it in a new window to print it. Anyone know of anything like this? TIA mamas, Laura.
Did you order online? I think I ordered last time from Walmart....and it was fine...need to find my refill info....
Its been a while since I last ordered boxes of checks. Like maybe a year or more. At the time I spent ages shopping around online to find the best value. Now my computer runs REALLY slow and its harder to do. Does anyone remember off the top of their head the cheapest place to order checks? i would appreciate it so much if you could let me know!! TIA, Laura.
thanks for your input mama. A few of us moms were thinking about starting a co-op preschool. We live in a pretty small town, which could make things easier or harder i guess. Is there any threads anyone knows of, about how others aare organising their co-op preschools? or websites or books? I think it is mostly the separation anxiety, as she genuinely seems to like it there after i leave. it isnt taking her long to cheer up and get involved. I was wondering if other moms...
I feel stuck. DD is 3 and a 1/4, and just started the only nearby montessori preschool. I believe this is a good montessori school (have been reading here about how much they vary). When I take her there in the morning she usually says she doesnt want to go. Sometimes I have only stayed 5 minutes or less to help her transition, but the last couple of times she has been more adamant that she doesnt want to go. I usually wait till she is off absorbed in something, happy,till...
Quote: Originally Posted by beanma hey y'all, i had a small GREEN brainstorm i thought i'd share with y'all. we belong to a CSA which is wonderful, but it means i'm washing a buncha buncha greens and i felt bad about wasting all that wash water by dumping it down the drain. we don't have a rain barrel, but i had the bright idea of getting one of the giant plastic totes dh bought (not my idea) and dumping the rinse water in there. i have the thing out...
I know some people that have had good results with EFT. Its pretty easy to learn. I think it deals with energy flows and meridians, but also works with your brain. The book, Freedom at Your Findertips, is easy to read and understand. I was able to watch some videos about it which was interesting. Hope you find the right form of help mama!!
Thank you so much for sharing that mama. I could relate to quite a few aspects in there and its helpful for me to see others working through it. Thanks again for your post
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