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I've got a 22mo (EC'd since 1 wk) who's having some similar regression stuff, and I've been pretty frustrated, and came here to get some advice as well. I'm trying to believe (and I think it's probably true) that as life gets more interesting for her, going to the potty has become sort of old hat, and she'd rather be coloring or dancing or whatever than telling me about her potties and getting to the toilet. We can still predictably catch a potty after she wakes up from...
What tests to you usually run when you are concerned about these disease processes? Thanks!
After 2.5 years with MSTM, I finally have all my coursework turned in and just needed to celebrate a little with some ladies who will understand what a big deal this is for me. : : : Now only the final exam to go, and I'll be done with the main thrust of my academic midwifery training (though the learning process never ends, right?). I have no idea what to expect from the final, and would love any advice from MSTM graduates regarding what kind of studying was...
Thanks for all the replies -- I need to look at the linked article, very interesting. Dewi, if your interested, I'd love to hear whatever you had to say about transfers. My question was in part about money, but mostly about whether some folks follow mom whether or not they get paid and if so what the role is.
I am interested in hearing about the ways this is handled in other areas. In my community, when a client transfers to the hospital, she may either choose to pay her midwife to accompany her or send her midwife home once the transfer of care is complete. She is given a handout prenatally where she either consents to pay for the midwife during transfer, refuses payment and continued midwifery care after transfer, or says that she will make this decision in labor. I know...
Careful if you get a service that sets up a tub about making sure your hot water heater matches their specs, and that you call them in good time. I shelled out big time on a rental and the baby showed up before it could get filled. I think I'd do it myself with a fishy pool of rubbermaid cattle trough if I had it to do over. If the bottom's too hard, throw in towels, gardening knee pads or cheap pillows you'll throw out afterwards.
I think it is so important for mom to be comfortable touching her own body in the way that feels best during labor! We need to be listening to our bodies at the most primal level, and free to go wherever that takes us. I also think that if you're having a birth attendant (i.e. not a UC), it's worth it to talk to them about your desire to be involved in that way. When I felt a strong urge to provide clitoral support/pressure as my daughter was being born, my midwife kept...
To get a CPM through NARM you can go to a MEAC-accredited school, or you can do the Portfolio Evaluation Process (PEP) (info here. No specific schooling is required, just demonstration of knowledge and experience. You can do AAMI and the PEP, no problem. However, none of that means that you will necessarily be able to practice legally in your state. Good luck!
Same here. I'm chalking it up teething, learning to walk, and a little cold. Here's hoping it will get better when the weather warms up and she can wear less.
Hey, mamas, I'm hoping to do a three sisters (corn, beans, squash) raised bed (8X8) here in the Pacific NW and am interested in any BTDT words of wisdom from you all. My dad is building the bed for me as a holiday gift, so I'm thinking about it early. Some questions I have: * Earth friendly ways to get the soil high in nitrogen * Will this garden work in western Washington State? * Timing of plantings * Varieties of C/B/S to use Thanks!
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