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Absolutely find a chiropractor, I must have left that part out, I went to the chiro adn then to acupuncture & wham =bambino find one at www.icpa4kids.com good luck Kay
K You absolutely need to take care of you!!! For your mental health and yo connection with your children. I think a project is a good idea but before I would jump into anything to consume more of your time how about just setting aside 15 minutes a day while DH is with the babes and meditate, stretch or walk around the block ALONE. Connect to your inner self. YOu know, the person that made these wonderful decisions to be married and have kids the girl with dream of...
Hang in there. Have you thought about doing some acupuncture? That really got me going (90 second contractions about three min apart folloiwed by a quick deliv.) The more drugs the more likely you are to end up with a birth you do NOT want , a stressed babe and diminished connection to the new little one! Due dates are only the general area of when babies are to come not EXact science, even the OB/Gyn society has discussed turning it into a due WEEK to reduce the ...
Hi I noticed no one had much to say on this one... So, I recall reading somewhere that your senses are in heightened awareness (sensitive to light , sound, smells, and tastes) when you have to much sugar/asparatame/sugar substitute (or some other toxin)in your system. The little scientist in me wonders if something else is really bugging you and you are just focusing on the minutia (crap ) around you instead of the 'real ' problem. Whatever the case maybe, good luck....
I also do not know the story here. but my thoughts and prayers are with your little one. My sister took her little one to a chiropractor (one that specialized in Peds and had great results) She said you can find on e in your area at www.icpa4kids.com good luck
My little guy just says Nurse pweeeeeaasse, yummy milk. He tried to share with his stuffed kitty the other afternoon. "share the yummy go juice Mommy" He is very expressive for 21 months. He looks up and giggles alot too.
Shawna Hang in there! My ds did not even show any interest until after 12mo. I have no "science' literature however, nursing in other parts of the world is the only source of nutrient for their babes. My guy is fine! 27 lbs at 22 months! Kay
Hi Captin! my water did break and nothing happened for several hours. We did go to acupuncture and that got me started. I never really considered that it would not work. I ate. walked, sat in the hot tub/jacuzzi tub and rolled around on my birthin ball. I wiish you all the best Kay
Congrats! I think i is great that a couple that wants a baby and has even a tiny home filled with love is bringing a new life into this world. Just think what a wonderful world we would live in if every baby was wanted and every parent decided to make choice that benefit their families. Awesome! I am always so happy to hear of cosleepin breastfeeding mamas!
Well, I may be alone here but I did have a great first girth experience. At home, no drugs, low stress and in the right time. I can only pray tthat any following births go as smoothly. I felt empowered and strong. It makes me want another babe just thinking about it. kay
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