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Check for it immediately after orgasm. It will be hard and much easier to find. I'm 5'5 & 200-something and have been able to find mine since around 8 weeks, but as others have said it's because I've been pregnant quite often before. You should probably be able to find it within the next week or two. I've also heard the suggestion to lie on a hard (I'd go with semi-hard) surface in order to help you feel fetal movement in the next few weeks, and doing that will...
My Linda was born at 35w 4d (or thereabouts; I honestly don't remember anymore), perfectly healthy. My Esther was born at 41w 3d, also perfectly healthy. While my understanding is that one premature baby increases your chances for more premature babies, it's not a sure thing. (Linda was a "near-term preemie".) It may well mean the whole "Have you had that baby yet?" starts a LOT earlier.
I'm sorry to hear this.
I'd add the company to my spam filter, personally. I do that all the time with Gmail. It does seem to be very capricious, doesn't it? Someone on the Lactivism forum here talked of doing an experiment where they put themselves on Enfamil's list as a breastfeeding mom and got tons and tons of formula adverts and even free formula. I did the same thing, and I got one sample of their vitamins for nusing moms, and one coupon for said vitamins, and that's it. As for how...
I'm a full time student. Pre-nursing right now, but I'll be switching to English (emphasis Creative Writing, minor in teaching) as soon as I get around to it. Because of this pregnancy I'm going to stick around my community college one more year and take classes completely online next year. DH & I are working toward me being a SAHM again. I'm working on a novel, & I plan to have that finished by the time I have the baby finished.
Quote: Originally Posted by olien OMG. Not in my case! Yesterday, at 40wks 1dy I had a NST & all was OK. They sent me over to someone in the office to 'discuss' induction. The discussion consisted of "we need to schedule you a date to be induced". They wanted to do it at exactly 41wks. I finally gave in to 41wks & 4dys (which is Apr 26th), but I told them I wanted to discuss with DH & especially with a Dr. I cant believe they were scheduling this...
The hair on my head grows pretty fast when I'm pregnant, typically. The chin hairs I sprouted somewhere along the way haven't disappeared during the pregnancy. As for the hair on my legs, I dunno, 'cause I haven't bothered shaving in about a month!
Another big fat nothing here. Big factor in my decision to UP, in fact. Arguing with doctors about refusing tests got old fast.
Quote: Originally Posted by zoebird i don't see any reason to consider induction methods at this point. no reason to get things going, you know? you are in no danger, the baby is in no danger, and so i would wait it out. if i were at 41 or 42 weeks, then sure, i'd likely start various things (and acupuncture would probably be one of them). but, 39 and 5? i wouldn't worry about it. particularly if your doctor isn't worried about you going over 40 weeks...
Probably a good rule of thumb that if you think to stop and post online about it, it's not an emergency. Skip the hospital, and take her to an urgent care clinic if you can, or ask for an urgent appointment (or at least a walk-in) with your normal doctor first thing in the morning.
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